Tuesday, December 31, 2013


So we all like saving a little money.  I have noticed that Tim Holtz uses those silicone craft sheets when he's inking edges on cards, tag, embellishments etc.  Well I went to the local craft store and was surprised that those super thin brownish colored sheets come 1 to a pack and are about $17 a piece..well no way is this girls spending that. Even with the 40% coupon your still paying over $10.  So off to the local Dollar store.  Here in the cooking supplies aisle I find those super thin cutting mats.  They usually come 2 in a pack and they are kind of an opaque white color.  Perrrrfect!!!!  AND it's only a DOLLAR!!  So I grabbed a few and headed home.  They work great.  I inked my blending tool and started inking the edges of a tag. Beautiful.  Plus they washed up real well with just water.  Bet you could just wipe with a wet wipe too.  So there you go....if you really don't want to invest in the silicone pad right now, these dollar store cutting mats work great.  I'm going to try using them for putting together embellishments with various glues too and see how they hold up.  
                                 HAPPY CRAFTING!

I slipped a piece of paper under the open 1 on the right
to show you how translucent they are.

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