Sunday, May 18, 2014


Isn't it insane how much scrap we accumulate?  I swear I had just emptied my basket and now it's nearly full again.  I always try to use every little thing I have.  Extra punched pieces go into jars as well as small bits of ribbon.  Waste not want not....but boy we do need to set limits on how much we save.  I try to sort out alot every 3 months or so.  Alot of the die cuts go into a box for my granddaughter to use or I stash them into bags for my niece.  The same is done for card stock.  some of the pieces I measure and fold into card bases for them to both use.  Other pieces of DSP get put into clear bags for them also.  Then once in awhile I come across a little scrap of DSP that I absolutely loved from another project and just have to use it in a card.  I don't know where I got the green floral paper but I love how "Springy" it looks and the Daisy?  Well I was trying to show a few different sizes to my daughter-in-law for a project she was doing so with the little extra flowers I thought I'd at least use one of them.  A very simple card but I like it.
I also had this really bright green stock that I believe I used around Easter time.  My granddaughter had placed some bright dotted scraps in the basket as well and I thought they all went together pretty well.  So now I have a base and no clue what to put on it.  Don't you hate that?  Gather some papers..try a new or tried and true fold....fiddle with the matting and then??????????  Brain fart!  No idea where to go next.  Well in my world you place it in another basket as a TBA card! Heeheehee.
Any ideas????   I'm open for suggestions. 

Last for today...there were some itsy bitsy pieces of scraps.  Why oh why do I keep these?  Must have been one of my real "insane" moments.  Of course "Waste not waste not waste not"  keeps running through my head soooooo...make a tag!  What the heck a tag can always be used at some point right?  So here's a little tag.  I basically cut NOTHING!  Amazing right? All the little pieces were there. Just sat around fiddling with the tiny scraps and voila a tag!
Definately a tiny tag...only about 3.5" long from top to bottom point, but it works!
So go attack you scraps.  You never know what you will still be able to get out of it.  I believe I still have a card or two that can be made out of my scraps before I sort it all out to the kids!


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