Friday, May 2, 2014

Tab Cards

Well my goodness...who would have thought that making a Tab Card would create such a mess?  Or cause me to have alot more scraps to add to my stash.  I suppose the millions of ladies who have approach this without watching at least 1 you-tube video have the exact same mess.
So now after many hours I think I finally got the dimentions right.  I hope!  So here's what I had so far.  After getting frustrated with measurements I decided to take a ready made card base ( mine just happened to be a 6.5 x 5 already folded)  I added printed paper (Michaels paper pack) measuring 6.25 x 4 6/8 and attached it to the front of the card and the inside of the card.  Then using my new Envelope punch board by We R Memory Keepers I punched 2.25 inchs in from both sides on the short edges .  On front of card I removed the tab areas on either side of the middle and on the inside of card I removed the middle portion..Hated it!  Maybe it's because the paper I'm using is just stuff I had on hand and not what I really like.  Still I don't like the outcome.

                    Closed                                                                                           Opened
So next I went to someones blog (can't remember who) and thought ok I'll try her measurements.  She gave dimentions of 5.5 x 8.5.  Score at 4.25 then on front side trim off either 1/2 or 3/8 (I guess it was your choice)   Then with punch board punch at 3 inchs on both short sides.  Ok didn't like this either.

                 This one is         This one is
3/8 trimmed                                 1/2 trimmed

Next I went to Catherine Poolers blog and did her directions.
This one was just a 5.5 x 8.5 card stock scored a 4.25.  Using the punch board punch both short sides at 3 inchs.  Remove bottom tab from front of the card and top tab from the back of the card.  Ok....not bad ... I think it would have looked better if I used double sided DSP but still I kind of wanted my back to have 2 tabs and the front have a tab in the middle.
Now that I have lots of practice and lots of flubbs I should be able to figure this out.  Finally I got it!  I made a base card of 5.5 x 8.5 then scored at 4.25.  Wth card opened and short end up I punched at 1.75 turned the card over and repeated.  Then flipped the card 90 degrees and did the same on that short side.  You now have a card when folded that looks like it has 3 tabs on the right side front and on right side inside.  On front you cut off both top and bottom tab and on the inside you remove the middle tab.  The front DSP is cut 5.25 x 4 and on the long side punch at 1 5/8 on both ends as you did for front.  Cut away top and bottom tabs.  The Dsp for inside is cut the same size and same punch but you only cut away middle tab.  When you glue them on you have a nice little border of the card base showing.
Left is the card closed.  You can just see a bit of the inside tabs.  On right shows the inside.  Now just to decorate.  It took me all day to come up with this the way I like it.  You can probably save alot of time and check out Catherine Poolers video on you-tube.  I'll post my finished card once I figure out how I want to embellish it.  That might take another day!  Hahahaha......Oh well now I'm exhausted.  I think it's naptime. to make dinner first!


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