Thursday, June 12, 2014

Its a Guy thing

Birthdays for guys are always hard.  When my son was little you could just buy any kind of truck and he was happy.  Now he's 34 and that same truck just won't do.  Oh don't get me wrong he'd still probably like a truck but now he wants one with a motor in it! LOL  Cards for guys are just as hard.  We can't get to fussy with them because he'll probably just look at it and say "Oh this is nice" and it will eventually end up in the trash.  We have a summer home at which there are approximately 7 different lighthouses.  A local stamp store carries all the lighthouse stamps of which I have purchased 2 of them.  Our little town has 2 lighthouses. One is located on our road and is non operational but a historic landmark and the other is just around the corner of us at the harbor tip.  That is the one I chose to use.  The Cana Island Lighthouse.  I made the card relatively simple and used Tombow markers and colored directly on to the stamp.  I love how it all sort of blended together.  I think this might be the best way to use this stamp since everything is so tiny and so close together it's hard to get more detailed coloring.  

I had this blue green twine that just seemed to match the rest of the card and I added a little star charm.

Til next time!

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