Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hot Topic

Hi Everyone!!!  I just wanted to share with you that I made the Hot Topic section on this weeks Splitcoaststamper.  What a surprise when I saw the subject matter and thought to my self.."wow someone already did this"..Heehee...I opened it and it was MINE!!!  Just so happens that in one of the forums I found there was a place for "downloads project instructions" and I thought what the heck I'll share my measurement sheet.  Of course all of you can view the card measurements here on my blog.  It was posted in March under title Card Sizes, but please go to the Weekly Inkling email from Splitcoast for some really great ideas.  If you don't get their weekly news your should subscribe.  Its a great source of information.  Just go to:  for more information and exciting tips, tutorials, and a whole lot more!!!  And again don't forget to at least check out the Hot Topics section of your Weekly Inkling.  I'm soooo excited!! Can you tell??


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