Monday, September 8, 2014


So as promised I have 2 more Halloween cards for you.  I wanted to get this done early because I have an extremely busy week this week.  Lucky for me one of the ladies of our stamp group also brought in a Halloween card for us to make so all I really needed to do was get one more done over the weekend!  I know I'm cheating!  LOL
  So decided this week there would be Two Flip it cards.  The one from our group on Friday was a flip it card and so I decided to give a different die a try over the weekend that was also a Flip it but also 3-D..
Here's the first one from Friday night.  I believe it was cut from a Sizzix flip it bigz die. 

The original one was stamped with a border stamp of pumpkins but with 4 of us trying to stamp our backgrounds, I sort of went off on my own and used a ghost stamp I had just bought the week before by Northwoods.  I also made a booboo on the flip part with a stamp so I had to create the little black border by just using the side of my marker to hide the mistake.   June had all the other pieces cut out like the circles, owl pieces and hat.  I liked the idea of googly eyes instead of the punched eyes and it just happened that I had these really cool ones with green backgrounds.  With everything else being just orange and black, that green really "POP'S"!

Next is also a Sizzix die called Flip 3-D accordion card.  Unaware of how these work I did not have the companion die for the label and frame.  So...............I cut the card out 4 times (to make a card you need 2)  2 were cut out of black card stock and 2 out of patterned paper.  With the pattern paper ones I cut off the tabs and cut out the center labels.  I connected the 2 black ones and adhered the pattern paper on top.  Continued decoration with some Punch's, stamped a bit and TA DA!

Not too shabby!  I know a little 5 year old that's going to love it!
Well the wheels are turning....I have a few ideas for my next post but your going to have to wait till next week I think.  Unless I have a slow period I doubt that I'll be on my blog.  So until then..........................................


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