Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Simply Christmas update

Well I mentioned in my post "Simply Christmas" that I was going to try using that stamp on different color cardstock and with silver or gold ink.  So down to my craft room I went, dug out paper, ink and emboss powders.  I just so happened to have silver and gold powders and decided to put it over silver or gold ink.  First let me say that just using the silver or gold on the darker cardstock alone looked great.  I did the gold both on the black and the red cardstock and used elegant gold embossing powder and on the green paper I used the silver ink and embossing powder.

Ok this pic I used a flash

             And this one had no flash

What is with and taking pictures.  I swear I never get the result I want.  As usual these card fronts look waaayyyy better in real life.  Guess you'll just have to take my word for it.  Go ahead an give these a try with a similar stamp for a really elegant looking card.  I especially love the gold on the black.  can't wait to put these cards together.

  Well tanks for checking back.  I just wanted to show the results using different ink and colored paper.


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