Friday, February 13, 2015

Let me call you Sweetheart

Valentines Day!!!!!  My granddaughter was so excited to make a few cards so we both went through all my magazines to find the one that had the free Valentines day papers.  After all I have to use those papers!!  Had to laugh it was another old one that she found and wanted to use.  It was the Cardmaking Papercraft 2010 issue.  Wonder what happened to this years magazine and it's Valentines day papers?  Hmmmmm   need to search the craft room again!

Anyway there were 3 sample cards and of course she wants to make all three and she wanted me to make the same ones so here we go redesigning the cards just a wee bit so that we could get 2 cards out of each pattern.  She did an excellent job for 6 yrs of age.  This is what we came up with:
these 2 are mine

these 2 are my granddaughters

and the left is mine, right is hers
They are kind of cute and she worked so hard.  After she went home I was in the mood for another card so I made this one:

I used a Victorian 6x6 paper pack I got at Hobby Lobby and some gold Bazzil card stock for the mats.  The card is 5.5 x 5.5.  I cut a 2" heart from my Cricut and embossed it and then rubbed a little gold ink over the top.  The white circle is actually the garbage piece from when I was die cutting a red circle earlier.  If you use wax paper between your die and the card stock the card stock releases much easier from more intricate dies.  Well I had it laying around and figured it was similar to using vellum so why not?  I thought it worked out well.  So well in fact that I deliberately cut a 1" circle from the wax paper to put behind the button in the upper right corner.  No idea who is getting this card.  Maybe I'll just keep it in my stash.  Because after all we all need to keep saving things!!!  LOL

And not to be out done by his sister My grandson added his personal touch to his preschool valentines.  He watercolored paper "willy nilly" and then I cut some hearts from his paintings, cut a few red ones for background and he glued his little heart out!  No pun intended...heeheehee.  He to did a great job!

Well its off to the Nursing home to do our Craft therapy with the residents.  And of course... we are making VALENTINES!!!!

Happy Valentines Day to all and til next time......



  1. What an awesome grandma you are! I think it's wonderful that you're helping your grandkids develop their sense of creativity. Being the oldest of 8 kids, and on the opposite side of the country from both my grandmas, I often feel like I lacked a lot of these opportunities and I'm only discovering my creativity now in my 30s and 40s. Kudos to you, and the Valentines are beautiful. :)

    1. Awww thank you. I grew up with a crafty grandma and mother and passed it down to my own children and now my 2 precious grandkids ages 6 and 3. They love making "mess's" at "AMA's" house! lol

  2. Making Valentines with loved ones...doesn't get any better than that! Those Valentines are extra special!

  3. Great cards and passing on a joy a handmade crafting to the next generation.