Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Technique Friday last Friday

Ok so I'm a bit behind.....but ?????  Anyway last Friday a few of us ladies gathered to try out a few techniques.Though not very new to at least one of them they were totally new to me.  I tend to stay in my comfort zone but I really wanted to try these.  First up, cracked glass.  Let me say mine was the only disaster.  Apparently you are to stamp and color then add layers of clear emboss powder until it looks smooth and pooling while your heating.  Then you put it in the freezer for a bit, take it out and bend it and it's suppose to crack.  June has done this before and has never had the results I got.  LOL  Oh mine cracked!!!! Right off the paper in spots!!  Oh for Petes Sake!  Went back to craft room, tried adding a little Crystal Effects to re-glue the pieces on.  Looked I re-heated it.  Dumb idea.  Well the card would have looked nice but oh well.  Here's mine and let me tell you the picture makes it look much better than it actually is. LOL
Ok let's move on!
Next was Northern lights.  Loved doing this!  We followed a tutorial by France Martin..  We tried this on both Shimmer paper which is what France Martin used and we tried it on glossy paper.  At first, since I was doing both papers at the same time, I wasn't really liking the way the colors went on the glossy paper but by the time you got to the last step of the black I think both are equally nice.  I will definitely try this again and you should give it a try too.  Go to France's YouTube video's and follow her tutorial.
Left is Shimmer and right is Glossy.  Sorry about the flash mark but the glossy picked up on that and when I turned the flash off the colors didn't come through true.  Tree's turned out bolder on the glossy paper.  I used the same ink for both prints.  Sure looks different though.
Can you imagine how much fun that night was!!  And we're not done yet.  1 more technique and then a card designed by one of our ladies.

Embossing as a resist!  Just saw something similar on a YouTube video from Dawns' Stamping Thoughts.  How ironic that June had already decide to do a card with a similar technique.  We Versa marked some butterflies and flowers on to white card stock then we white embossed. Then choose your color pallet and starting with the lightest sponge each color over the embossed image's.  The white embossing works as a resist.  when all colors are on, rub the surface with a dry cloth to brighten the images.  So pretty.
And adorable Easter Card!!
The image was a Northwoods stamp and the greeting was cut from the Cricut.  Simple but Elegant and it fits into a legal sized envelope so no big expense there!  This card was so refreshing to make after the intense moments of the other 3 cards.  
Love the gray with the purple!
Well as you can see it was a fun fun evening!  I can't believe Friday is just around the corner again and we have a some Easter cards planned!  Though someone (shhhhh, we won't say thinks we need to do some Christmas cards.  LOL....alright alright alright.....maybe next gathering?????
Til Next Time......



  1. What fun techniques. I love the look of the "Nothern Lights". They are both stunning. I really like the glossy one. May have to give this a try myself.

  2. I love trying new techniques too- love them all! Such a fun fun group of cards!

  3. Love your northern lights and I will have to try the new technique. Thanks for the link.