Monday, March 30, 2015


Well today is App day on my blog.  I had been intrigued with some information I had seen recently while watching Home Shopping Network.  A few days ago it was their Craft Day and they had alot of very cool stuff listed.  Nooooo....I didn't buy a thing....sad I know.  That's not to say I didn't want anything!  LOL  The coolest thing I saw was the brand new envelope punch board by We R Memory Keepers.  It's now a 3 in 1.  Envelopes, boxes, and bows with an extended arm for those larger pieces of paper.  Very very cool.  If you get a chance.. go to  THIS   and check it out.  Another interesting thing was a new APP from We R Memory Keepers for envelopes.  You type in your finished card size and it gives you the size of paper you need and the score line number to make the envelope.  You can view the APP  HERE.  I downloaded it on my phone and today I went to see if I could download it on my laptop.   Nope....guess it's not compatible with all devices.  When you hit install a window opens showing you what devices (that you own) are compatible.  It showed my Samsung phone already had it installed (which is what I did yesterday) but then it showed it was not compatible with my Lenovo laptop, Samsung TV (hahaha..didn't think that would have been an option), nor my Samsung tablet. was compatible with my Nook HD1.  Goofy.  It takes nearly any size you can think of except the fraction part of your size are all pre-set.

  So I decided that since I can't get it on my laptop, which is where I'd rather obtain the information, that I would see if there is something else out there.  Guess what? There is!
My favorite source for alot of information and card inspiration comes from the UK.  Sometimes I think they are way ahead of us!  Any way the App is called the Envelope Expert.  I was able to save the App on my Google New Tab Plus.  Also if you click on the dashboard labeled Tools there is also a Box Buster.  Both of these are simple to use and you get all the information you need to make both envelopes and boxes.  Check it out HERE.  It is very similar to the We R Memory Keepers APP.  I've tried a few sizes and they have worked ok for me but there have been some reviews that say the measurements are not very accurate.  I still think it's worth trying.

Since Both apps are so similar I would probably prefer to use the We R Memory Keepers one since they are they makers of the Envelope Punch board.  But its a personal choice.  You decide. 
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  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing I will have to check it out!

  2. Thanks for sharing the info. Will have to go and check it out.