Thursday, April 9, 2015


Have you tried this yet??  I've admired it and wanted to try it.  Ive have watched a ton of YouTube video's on how to do this and I've asked questions to the SCS group on line.  One video said you must have the background still damp when you stencil on the white circles.  Another said to use your heat gun over back ground first.  Some said only use dye inks others say only pigment.  So so so confusing!  So June and I got together one Tuesday evening with our favorite video by.......Stampinjill   See it HERE.  What we came up with was totally AWESOME!  
As you can see we changed it up a bit from her video.  I had a couple coffee type stamp sets and June just happened to mention that she wanted to use a coffee theme stamp set.  So out mine came.  (she and I need to compare stamps maybe her coffee set is different).  Anyway we used a template that she made from card stock for the circles and used color box white pigment ink.  Then using the same ink we added a few "Beans and Spoons" to the front. The cups are stamped on a 2" circle and embossed then highlighted with a bit of color.  Sentiments are on a 1.5" circle and dimensionaled.  A few sequins for bling were added too.  I think these turned out adorable!  I want to make a few sets I think for gifts.  Maybe I can encourage more people to send cards if they have a few on hand.  I remember growing up my mother always had a box of "All Occasion" cards in the drawer with her phone book.  I think most women in the 50's had that same sort of box.  Times sure have changed and there are more and more people just texting greetings instead of mailing one.  Maybe if by giving the gift of cards we can bring back even just a little bit of more simpler times.  Til then...........



  1. The background looks great! this is one technique I have not tried yet. I may have to find some time this weekend.

  2. Love the Bokeh backgrounds on your cards. I keep saying that I am going to try it and haven't yet. Maybe this will be the push needed. Thanks.

  3. Oh I just LOVE your backgrounds- fabulous! Your colors are so pretty and I love the great effect you got using the white- I will have to watch your video link- as when I tried this, the whites did not show up too well......
    SCS Blogging Group

  4. I love what you did with this! I've been wanting to try this technique for awhile, but I shamefully confess I don't have any white ink!! I was thinking I could possibly do it with distress ink... spray a circle stencil then dab with paper towel to 'lift' the color. I don't know that I want to go to that much trouble. Oh, I lied, I have Stazon in white, but not particularly useful with this technique, LOL.

  5. Love this technique! I want to try it!