Friday, April 24, 2015

Mother of the Groom

Hello Everyone.......I have been busy as usual with life.  It has been a bit difficult to get on this blog since time was not in my favor but I have some today!  Yay!

One of the ladies in our stamping group is about to enjoy the wedding of her son in Alaska. How awesome!  Even being the Mother of the Groom can be tiresome.  Often we feel like we aren't very appreciated for all our hard work.  Although I'm sure everyone does appreciate it, the day is more all about the Bride.  With that in mind I decided I wanted to make a card for the Mother of the Groom.  After all this is the 3rd most important day in her life.  Her first being the day she got married, the second... the day she gave birth to her son and the third... the day her son gets married.
So here's what I came up with...and Z fold with a fancy edge top.
A little hard to see what colors I used.  Must be the!  Anyway I knew that all the invites, thank-yous and goodie box's for the tables were done in Crumb cake and Pink from Stampin Up.  Well I had neither colors so I just used Kraft paper and a pale pink with a striped pink, white and cream designer paper.  All the stamped images and butterflies were stamped on cream parchment paper.  The total size of the card folded is 4" x 9.5" and fits into a legal size envelope which I decorated with butterflies.
Well I gave her the card last night and she loved it.  In fact she's going to C.A.S.E. the style and try doubling it to form a gate fold(interesting) to be used as her son's wedding card.  Can't wait to see it!  Maybe I'll give that a try too and share if it turns out.  Til then....


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