Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Hi everyone!  I know my title sounds confusing.  Whats not to like about a Z-fold card?  They are super simple and can be dressed up or dressed down. After watching a YouTube video by Deb Valders on a Modified Z fold card, I decided to take her idea One step further.   Well I'm not talking about the fold itself at all.   I'm referring to papers!  We all are drawn in to the special sales at the local craft stores of pattern card stock pads.  You know the ones with like 48 sheets of different pattern, heavy paper in 12 x 12 sheets.   Of course there are always a bunch of papers we don't even like but heck its a deal we can't pass up!  LOL  So lets turn these not so great papers into Z fold cards.  Most of these papers are only printed on one side with the other being just white.  You add solid card stock to the white side to coordinate with the pattern and your in business!  Absolutely ANY of those papers will work.  I am not a scrapbooker and I have never seen any real uses for those 12x12 sheets that were specifically made for a scrapbook layout.  Similar to one like this one:
Now each sheet of pattern 12 x 12 cardstock will make 2 Z-fold cards.  To make the Z-fold cut 1 piece of 12x12 to measure 5x12.  Make sure the pattern runs horizontally on the 12" side.  One the 5" side make a little tick mark at  2.5".  Score from this mark diagonally to the lower right corner.  Score at 4" and 8".   It should look like this:
Cut another 12x12 sheet of coordinating solid cardstock 4 7/8 x 12.  Repeat above directions for making diagonal then instead of scoring cut the strip at 3 7/8 3 times.  Adhere to pattern paper back like this:
All this needs now are simple embellishments and a sentiment stamped inside.  I used a different 12 x 12 sheet for my finished piece.  I have alot of Christmas papers like this so I can probably make a bunch of these and just change the embellishments to match the papers.  Like using ornaments or wreaths.  This would also look cute with spring like papers similar to the video with flower embellishments or maybe leaves for fall.  I can't wait to make a bunch more. I'll post them later. Here's the finished card.

If your interested in Deb's video you can watch it: HERE

Guess that's it for now.  Hope you give this a try and I hope my directions weren't too confusing.  Til later.......................



  1. Very nice card! And you make it sound very simple. I tried a Z fold only once and made a bit of a mess. Will have to give it another try.

  2. I love this and I'm envious of you getting started on your holiday cards already.

    1. LOL...I never really stop! I make Christmas cards all year long so there is no hurrying in December.

  3. I have never made a Z-fold card- love the pictures- makes it look really easy! The snowflakes are just great!
    Shelly SCS

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  5. Thanks for all the great comments

  6. Such a great idea! I'll have to copy that Z fold technique! :) - Lisa from SCS