Monday, August 31, 2015


Hi are you ready for another Halloween card??  Since I need 10 (I think) and I only have the 3 Neverending ones... I have a ways to go.  I also get bored when I make all the same cards so today I'm making a circle "Flip it" card using Stephanie Barnards dies from Sizzix.  You can find all her dies through a link at her blogsite.

All the papers I used were scraps from the Neverending cards I made earlier.  The stickers were also left overs and I believe I got them at Michael's for a whopping $1.99.  They were really big sheets too.  Look for them in the Halloween section not the regular scrapbook section.  The original die does not have the extra flap on the right.  I extended it with the help of my friend June so it could be a larger card.
I love these Sizzix dies.  Every piece is included so you don't need any measuring!!  My kind of card!  LOL  I think I'm going to make another one but this time put a bit more effort in it.  This one was more of a "What's on Hand" card.   So stay tuned!!


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  1. I always love to see the fun variety of cards you create- this is so neat- and I love how you extended it as well. Looking forward to the next 6....!