Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Hello!!  Ready for a super simple adorable fold???  I'm not sure if this is new or just new to me but it's an Envelope fold card.  I know what your thinking...envelope fold cards have been around forever! But wait!!!  Those are cards that look like an envelope and you open it up into a full size sheet of paper like a letter.  That is not what this is.  This card looks like an envelope, yes, but the triangle flap is the only thing that opens revealing the interior of the card.

It is made with an 11x11 sheet of double sided paper.  Fold in half one way crease, then open..rotate.. and fold in half the other way and crease.(as in photo 1) Open it back up and with the printed side that you want on the inside facing up, take each corner and bring to the middle and crease.Pic 2)  Turn over so folded triangles are now facing down and fold the card in half and crease.(pic 3) Take 1 of the loose triangles (either side is fine) and flip it to the opposite side gluing the 2 triangles together.(pic 4&5) This is making the front flap of the card.  Open the flap to put your sentiment and decorate the outside of the card.(pic 6)  Punch a hole in the card through all layers near the point.  Add ribbon and tie a bow to close the card.  This card when finished measures 3 14/16" x 7 14/16".  Odd size I know, but it's still a cute card that you could just hand to a person instead of mailing.  Then you can go all out on the embellishing!  You could even slide a gift card inside.  Super cute.
TADA!!!And this is the finished card!

I have no idea why my camera is making the color so goofy looking...I swear it's really cute in real life!  LOL
 I'm going to make some Christmas cards with this fold too.  Can't wait!!  So stay tuned I'll be posting them soon.


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