Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Northwoods Coloring workshop

Oh my goodness guys I'm so excited.  I am a big fan of the Northwoods line of rubber stamps and the Local stamp store near my cottage frequently sponsors workshops featuring Northwoods stamps and the coloring techniques for the stamps by founder Pat Niemuth.  It just so happens that Pat and Oscar (owner of local stamp store) have been friends since High School.  In fact Pat got Oscar started with her store up north about 25 years ago.(give or take)  So being friends...Oscar is able to get Pat to come up to Door County and teach the coloring of Northwoods stamps.  I am usually not up there when Pat comes to town but this time..............................WooHoo.........I'm going to be there and I signed up for the Halloween stamp coloring class.  We will be making 4 different cards and learning a wonderful technique.  Class is on Saturday the 12th.  I will post all 4 cards and let you all know how it went.  I wish I could afford all the classes.  This is an entire weekend of cards!  I think there are 4 different coloring classes each with a different theme and then there are 2 or 3 of the DreamWeaver classes where you learn the technique of using stencils and paste and gold leaf.  All the classes would be worthwhile but I have to budget myself.  I just spent a mint at the expo last week.   I have a ton of the Northwoods stamps and have always admired how Pat did the coloring for her display boards like this one:

I love how she does the bluish shadow around her images.  She also uses Art Glitter on all her cards which she had previously used Stickles.  You really need to check out this line of stamps.  She use to sell these at Archivers until they closed down and now she sell them online at her online store.  As far as I know Door County Rubber Stamp Store is the only current store that carries the entire line of these stamps year round.  To see more of Northwoods stamps go to:
The Halloween Boards are awesome and I can't wait to start coloring!!
I shall be returning the 13th so hopefully I'll get something uploaded the 14th.


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