Monday, October 19, 2015

Just an Update

So Hello!!!  I'm finally home from our summer home an it is all locked down for the winter.  :(  I am so going to miss the fabulous sunsets and the waves crashing on the lake lulling me to sleep.  You just cannot believe how relaxing it can be up there.  No real phones and cell phone reception is mediocre.  I do not have Internet up there so there is nothing to distract me and believe me I am easily distracted!  LOL  While I was up there this time I took a class at the Nature Center on making fall wreaths from stuff you find in the woods.  This wreath cost nearly nothing.  You can get a foam wreath form from the dollar store (mine was a 9").  Everything I used was free from the great outdoors!  I was so pleased with my finished wreath that I decided to share it with you.
Excuse the hook but it was the only thing I could find on the wall to hang it with so I removed all the jackets and hence the hooks..LOL  
Anyway it was so much fun and I met some really great ladies.  I was informed that during the winter months they all get together a couple of times making crafts from nature and they invited me back.  Unfortunately my cabin is not heated for those cold (no freezing) winter days so I will not be able to attend tho their winter wreath sounds gorgeous.  Maybe I can con my sister into letting me use her place for a weekend.  Hers has heat!!  lol
The only other fun things I did was attend a few fall fests and ran around to multiple farm markets picking up things I wanted to stock up on for the winter.   Ok Ok....I admit I did go to Oscars stamp store Once!  Yes only Once!!.  I picked up a few Tombow Markers that I didn't have and I copied Pats list of Tombow markers they use for coloring ALL their Northwoods Stamps.  She said these are the must have marker colors all the rest are just because you want it but you don't need it.  I will re-write the colors at a later date but for right now here is the list from  my phone.

So now if you don't own any Tombow you don't have to fret over which colors you should start out with!

Well now I can now try and get some other crafty stuff done around here for the up coming holidays.  



  1. Great wreath, Hope you had a great summer:-)

  2. Well done! Sounds like it was a fun class. :)