Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Simple Christmas Cards 2

First I wanted to start with a tip that I forgot on my last post.  As I was blinging up those cards, I noticed my silver glitter gel pen stopped working.  Dang it I didn't have a spare, it was nighttime, no stores are open and I wanted to get this done!  For the heck of it I put the pen, tip side down, into a cup of very very hot water for about 5 minutes or so while I cleaned up a bit.  Low and WORKED!!  The pen started writing and I was able to finish my project.  I checked it again today and so far so good...still working!  So a quick fix could be hot (very hot) water.  May not always work but it did that time for me.
So now cards.....again super simple.  This time I was just browsing through some emboss folders and noticed I had a few with winter scenes on them.  No idea why I bought them. (impulsive I'm sure) So I thought????????????Hey just emboss card bases and the residents at the nursing home can color or watercolor.  Maybe add some bling?  Hmmmm the possibilities????  So here's the starter card for them to work on.  

Since the basic card is white any color can be used for the embellishments.  In my sample I decided to use blue.  I made alot of different sentiment tags for them to use in various colors so the sky's the limit!  I also used chalks for coloring mine but they will have a choice of colored pencils or watercolor paints.

I also added some Stickles to some of the snowflakes.  These are so cute and definitely can be considered 0 layered cards.  Why didn't I thinks of these before?  I could have made all my Christmas cards in 1 week instead of months.  LOL

So I still have some ideas up my sleeve so stay tuned!

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