Wednesday, December 16, 2015

More Christmas Tags 2015

Oh my goodness Christmas is only 9 days away!!!  What on earth have I've been doing???Well lets see first of all we had our annual family cookie baking day.  We made a total of 6 different types of cookies and then after we divided them amongst all of us we made a plate arrangement to take to our local Fire Department.  We have so much fun baking and gabbing!  Here's this years cookie donation.
I had also gone to "Dickens in Dundee" for their living windows, Christmas music, games, and of course a stop to see Santa with my grandkids.  It was a magical evening that included a carriage ride in the historic area.
Then there was shopping, shopping, and more shopping!!  I believe I'm close to being  Still have to wrap, still have to buy Christmas dinner, still need stocking stuffers, still need grandkids to feel better.  Yep....they got sick over the weekend!  A virus called 5th disease.  I never heard of it but Drs. said it was common among school aged kids.  Figures my grandkids get everything!!!  Lets hope everything is gone by Christmas!
So now before I use all my tags up, I thought I should post a few more.  These are so much's like they are mini card fronts.  Each one a little different and each one having alot of thought put into it.   I use to just cut out ovals or tag shapes, stamp a 1 color object on the front and a to/from on the back.  Super simple and plain.  Now I take much more time....increased the sizes and do way more than a simple stamp.  I've been making most of my embellies' and I've even given sets away as little early Christmas gifts to neighbors and family.

I think for next year I'm going to start much earlier and make a bunch for gifts.  This year people only got 6 but next year I'd like to give out maybe 20 per person.  Guess I better start in May!  LOL!
Well until later.....................................


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