Saturday, January 23, 2016

Valentine Bingo tags

Good Morning!  So last night the ladies and I got together to make some cards. We did more gabbing than creating but that's ok we had alot to say!  LOL  After making the 2 planned cards,  I decided to introduce them to my BINGO Valentines.  We have always been quite traditional in our card making. Oh we try a bunch of different techniques and change up the sizes or the shapes of the cards but it's always a planned design with usual cardmaking embellishments,  I wasn't sure how they would feel about something totally outside the box.  In fact I remember telling my one friend about this idea and how we could have the group at the nursing home to these and she just kept giving me weird looks accompanied by an "OOOkkkkk?"  Ya!  She had that much trust in my judgement..heehee!  So  I announced that I didn't have a typical card for my contribution to the evening of cardmaking and asked if they were ready to think outside the box?   I took out my 3 samples, which you can see HEREl  Then I dumped Ziploc bags full of stuff!  Buttons ribbons, doilies, beer caps, stones, yarn get the idea, and away they go!  I just sat back and watched.  They were really into it!  Creative juices were running and here's the ending results.

I think they are all AWESOME.   And guess what?  We ARE going to do this at the nursing home.  Maybe I can get a collage and post it later.

Well that's all for now..........Time to go create some more!  I have another Birthday present to start working on.  Another surprise!


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  1. For all of the uh hum's you got, the ladies made beautiful Bingo cards! This is a great project- I think for any age, but the folks at the NH will love this!