Monday, April 11, 2016

Flower Fails

  Hi everyone.  Boy it's been so busy here and yet when I try to figure out why..I don't have an answer.  Must just be everyday life!
I've been trying to put together simple flowers for the nursing home card class.  Their supplies are limited but one lady in particular wants to be able to make some on her own for the cards she makes for family.  I punched out a bunch of flowers from scraps I've had and even used some colorful calendars that have just been laying around.  Sometimes those calendars have some awesome colors on them and can make quite pretty flowers.  But........trying to keep these flowers from looking flat is another chore in itself!  So I layered a few but sadly they looked like flat paper flowers in a pile.  NOT what I was looking for.  So next I curled the petals.  Better but.......I still wasn't pleased.  Yes I AM HARD TO PLEASE!!!  They need a center of some sort.  A button??  Sure but where are they going to find extra buttons?  It's not like they are going out to Hobby Lobby when they need something.  Plus there's the choke hazard.  Some of the wondering residents could pick up a fallen button or bead.  Tried a little glitter glue which works ok but then I will have to purchase glitter glue for everyone.  So I decided to take a break...step back...and look at what I had already done to see if anything "Hits me".
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........................................................Nope! I would prefer the flowers be more 3D so I tried simplifying a 3d flower but it's hard to simplify and I still don't think they could even do this.
I think its too much manipulating.  Sooooo I think we will stick with layering but keeping flat.
I'm sure the cards will turn out fine that I have decided to do with them.  So stay tune for the card reveal.

Til Next time.......



  1. Beautiful flowers : ) The folks will enjoy using them on cards, and I am sure you will come up with a fab center for them!

  2. What a beautiful array of layered blossoms, Susan! I can't wait to see what you create with them!

  3. I'm loving all your flowers Susan! And love the idea of using old calendars :) What a great idea for the nursing home residents..

  4. I think they would have loved any of the flowers you created, but I think it's wonderful you put such a labor of love into getting them just how you wanted them for your seniors.

  5. Susan, these came out fabulous! I love the wonderful colors and shapes - I am sure you will put them to great use! I know what you mean about busy - us, too - the days tend to roll into one another!