Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Seasonal OSW

Things over here are "Greening" up.  We finally are getting warmer...sunnier weather and I can't be Happier!  It has been a L O N G winter.  Not so much freezing cold and not a ton of snow(but enough) but is has been so dreary.  Many days without sunshine and that just made me want to just curl up on the sofa and do nothing but watch movies and surf Pinterest.  Not a great way to spend days!  Well...........maybe some days!  heehee.  So now the suns been out for days and temps are getting more spring like.  I have a busy schedule ahead with the Nursing home craft session and card club, plus my own Card night with fellow cardmakers, then the upcoming 1st Communion for my granddaughter.  Busy busy busy!

So I was thinking of what can be done for this months Nursing home card club.  One of the ladies liked the birthday card I gave her and wanted to make some similar.  It was a card that I grabbed from my stash of OSW cards and I thought hmmmmm....lets do those!  Make them seasonal so we will concentrate on Red, White and Blue.  That can be for Memorial day, 4th of July, Summer, Labor day.  Now to find paper!  

Above is the original selection.  I believe I posted these 5-8-14 under the title All Occasion OSW.  Seen HERE  The card I gave her was the one on the Far top right.  I definitely think they can handle putting these together.   We can do 3 in class and the rest they can do on their own in their free time.  Trust me doing 3 cards even with all pieces cut and stamped has taken us a minimum of 2.5 hours in the past!  LOL
Well I'm off to find some papers in Red White and Blue.  Can't wait to see what develops!
Till next time...............



  1. I bet your ladies will have a ball creating OSW designs with your red, white, and blue papers, Susan! Blessings to you for the joy you bring them with your crafting sessions!

    1. Thank you Lynn...You have left so many kind remarks on my posts. I truely enjoy the time I spend there.

  2. Oh these are just wonderful, Susan - such a gorgeous burst of color and fun designs. I'm sure they are well received! I'm smiling at the curling up to surf pinterest, one of the things I miss so much in our busy run-around schedule - just sitting still! Here, it's the opposite - WAY TOO HOT to be outdoors most days! I'd love to have some of your snow :)

  3. I've always wanted to do a one sheet wonder I just never follow through! One of these days!

  4. Thanks for reminding me about the OSW !! I always forget to do that!

  5. I have only done OSW at a workshop- should get out some DP and make some! Wonderful cards. Love the idea of working with folks at a nursing home. Bet the folds look forward to you coming and bringing them joy : )

  6. Susan, I have wanted to try a OSW project for so long and haven't made the time to do it. The work you've done here is amazing. If I ever do get to try it...I'm coming back here first for inspiration!