Monday, May 2, 2016

Faerie Supplies WHOA!!!

Hi everyone and WOW!!!  Have you checked out the prices of Faerie stuff???  First of all I guess I'm spelling Faerie wrong.....I was spelling it Fairie.  Doesn't Faerie look wrong???  So who's right??  I have a feeling I will be jumping around both spellings LOL.  So below is what $90 of Faerie stuff looks like.  The tray is a 16" diameter so it is a good size but wow we still need the little stuff.  But that's ok we are going to make all the little stuff because doesn't look that tough.  Plus some of our ideas can spill over to the birthday party gardens.
Now we have also been shopping for the Birthday party.  We needed to scale this down by ALOT!  So our first stop was Dollar tree.  They had these cute tins that measure 9" long by 5" wide.  Tori wanted to use large colorful bowls that they had but we talked her out of that.  We decided we could make a fence with short Popsicle sticks, make a cloths line from plastic cocktail sticks, and use some stones for a path.
We also picked up things to make a gazing ball, found some ladybugs, and can use push pins for stool legs.  Some of that stuff we got at Hobby Lobby.  Her grandpa is going to help out by making some small Tree limb houses.  YAY!!  Oh and we also bought some butterflies. We still need to find the right bead for the gazing ball.   Total seen here so far is about $40 and this will make 11 Faerie gardens.   Yes we still need plants but very few will go along way with these tiny gardens compared to the larger one she and I are making.  

Let me tell you this IS ADDICTING!!!!  I now want to have an even larger Faerie garden in my yard.  I have 2 very suitable places. (well actually I have a bunch of places)  My first spot is down in the woods where it could be nestled in the Blue Bells and Sweet Woodruff.  Doesn't that just "scream" magical?  The other is under the Lilac's in the corner of the yard where it could be easily seen from the living room window.  I figured I could save $37 per house by having my husband convert some of his birdhouses he makes into Faerie houses.  He uses all scrap/old wood for them so it's free!  Ughhh....I have to stop!!  ONE project at a time!  LOL.  Ok back to original Faerie garden.  We will be working on accessories today so I may even post again later.  Keep checking back for updates.  Should I guarantee "Cuteness"? heeheehee.




  1. What a magical time these lucky little girls with have at your faerie garden party! I know you are giving your granddaughter a birthday she will never forget! I love it, Susan! I wish my granddaughters were still little. I would be stealing your wonderful idea!

  2. I can't wait to see how everything comes together. Will be watching. Oh how I wish I had girls:-)

  3. I love this fun party idea- these kids will all be in heaven! I look forward to seeing the pictures. I think it is probably cheaper for a bunch of them, if you had to buy supplies for just one it would be a fortune! I also look forward to seeing what you create for your yard!