Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Signs and Snails for Fairies

It is turning into a Faerie explosion here.  Everywhere you look there is faerie stuff!!  We found some shells in a box in the storage room and Tori found the perfect little shells.  We decided to hot glue these to little pebbles and draw eyes on them and they could pass for snails.  
I know they're not realistic but hey it's free!  And free is good!  Trying to keep this birthday project under control money wise and so far we are doing great!

Another DIY for our upcoming garden are little faerie directional signs.  Popsicle sticks that were already colored were used for these.  I had them leftover from another project many years ago.  Finally another use!  Tori wrote things on the signs and had to make sure each one was different.

She had just started when we took the picture but she did complete all 11 of them and she was ready to go on to the next DIY.  But it was getting late and they needed to go back home.  After school today we will work on Gazing balls.  No freebie here.  I could not find anything large enough for the ball part in my moms bead box and we don't have marbles here so I guess it's off to Michaels.  Geez......I need to get 2 cards made too!! going to be a busy day!!



  1. How perfect for your sweet faerie gardens, Susan!

  2. Love these cute snails : ) Very creative idea!

  3. How absolutely clever, Susan! I see more fairy gardens in your future!