Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Holidays are Coming!!

With Christmas coming we have started our decorating.  What a lot to do!!  Sometimes I think I should start decorating in September just like the stores do.  Then by Thanksgiving all I need to do is sit back...relax...and enjoy the scenery.   This year I did start the week before Thanksgiving hauling everything up stairs and making sure everything with lights still work.  I am happy to report no re-stringing was needed!!  In between all of that I still had to take care of the grand kids and finish the gifts for my lady friends for our brunch that is actually taking place on Sunday. I have come to the realization that at this time of year it is a shame that my friends have access to my blog!  LOL  I mean am I to share with you things that they will be receiving, without them seeing it here first??  Frustrating for sure!  But I can tell you that I had to unwrap the gift because I forgot to take a picture!  Yep I'm THAT organized!  heeheehee  So I got a wrapped....and added embellishments to my packages.  Oh!!!! AND I made all the boxes for the gifts!  You'd think I'd be tired of boxes! LOL  All the small bows were made with my bow maker that my husband made me a few years ago.  Love that thing and could not do without it!  Perfect bows every time...and we all know how difficult it is to make those tiny bows we use on our cards.  I will post those gifts after brunch on Sunday.

This weekend it is also Dickens in Dundee here.  The entire town is decked out for Christmas.  There are living windows, carolers, Santa, horse and carriage rides, reindeer and certain businesses open their shops for cookies and hot cocoa treats for all on Friday night.  Candy Canes too!  These are all small businesses as Dundee is a quaint little town in the Old town district.  Saturday there is the Dickens in Dundee parade, gingerbread house making and community tree decorating contest. Busy busy weekend.  I also have my annual cookie bake with my sister and our DIL's on Saturday.  A special tray is always made for our firehouse too.

Well that's it for now and don't forget to check back for Paper craft gifts later!



  1. Susan, your post delights me. I'd love to see your decorations! (BTW, you stopped by my blog this morning and left a comment, but I've since added pictures of some of my decorations, if you're interested in seeing them.)

    I loved reading about Dickens in Dundee... reminds me of the time when we lived in northern Missouri and would go to a little town in Iowa just north of where we lived every Christmas... when they had living scenes in the store fronts on their square. Such a fun time!!! Now I want to come to Dundee, though truthfully, I don't even know what state you're in.

    1. Jeanette...LOL I'm usually in the "State of Confusion"! Actually I believe you and I are in the same state? Maybe? I'll mention it in JP&I later. Going to go check out your pics!!

  2. I am so impressed with all the crafting you have done, Susan! I can't wait to see the pictures. I finished crocheting a set of boot cuffs last night that I can't show either!

    The Dickens in Dundee sounds like a quaint and delightful event! I always enjoy those types of holiday events!

    1. Oooo...boot cuffs!! I wanted to make some of those this year. I still have time right? LOL