Friday, December 30, 2016

A Christmas Carole Accordion

As the New Year approaches I'm trying to get out all of my current card projects so that I may work on all new stuff during the New Year.  That's not to say that I will be able to accomplish that....just that I'm going to try.  I have odds and ends projects all over the place and some I'm not even sure if I had posted already so I'm really hoping that I will not be "Duping" anything.  LOL
So....lets start with this one.  I know I haven't posted it yet because the first time I took a picture was today to send off to a brand new friend.  Just a little background before I jump into this.  She saw a post I made on Splitcoast Stamper and private messaged me.  She was originally from my state and just thought it was a good idea to reach out on a personal level.  I am so glad she did.  We have been having so much fun describing our lives, our likes and dislikes.  We have become Old Fashioned Pen Pals!  Ok maybe Keyboard Pals!  LOL  But for sure we will be using the US Snail Mail too!  There is a strong bond among strangers.  So if your ever down on life just remember my little story about 2 people becoming friends from miles away and know that good does exist.  And Now...........on to the card!!  

As I said it's an accordion card and it measures 4x6 closed and 4 x 24 fully opened.  I used the Graphic 45 collection A Christmas Story.  Here it is closed.
Here it is opened.  Not sure if you call this the front side or inside.  The first page has a little pocket that I added my grandkids Christmas picture to.  The third section also has a pocket and I just added a couple tags.  I love the Tiny Tim one!
One the back side or outside, we start with a postcard.  Though this one is not written on it was put there for me to write our   "To and From" on.  This way I'm not messing up any of the pages signing the card.  Hmmm...looks like you can't see the post card very well.  I'll take another pic of the back of the accordion closed.
The 3rd section also has a pocket where I was able to slip a family picture my son had done for their Christmas pictures.
Ok here we go this is the accordion closed and the back side.

Well I'm off to find other projects so until next time...........................................



  1. Susan, your accordian book is BEYOND beauitful! I am in awe and keep looking over each picture just to take it all in - what a keeper!!!