Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Crafting with Ama

With more snow predicted for the weekend I had decided that it would be a good weekend for a Sleepover and crafting with Ama (my grand kids call us Ama and Apa...pretty cute.)  So with the grandkids over we started crafting as the snow was falling.  The first would be those cute Christmas balls I made earlier with the rolled DSP inside.  This time I used bigger bulbs so the hole was larger for putting the papers in and I got plastic ones!!  Great thinking on my part because you would not believe how many times they dropped their ornaments!  Although not quite as full as the ones I had made previously they still turned out cute.  They also added some chunky snow glitter inside.  It doesn't show up well in photos but its there.
The next craft was a count down to Christmas.  I actually bought a kit from Hobby Lobby but since I wanted multiples I had my husband use the store one as a template and he cut a bunch out for me.  The blocks are 2"x2" square and the stand piece is 2"x4 .   I used scrap Christmas card stock that I had and cut all the necessary pieces out.  You will need a total of 14 squares(2 of which are for the sides of the stand) measuring  1  7/8 x 1  7/8 and 4 pieces 1  7/8 x 3  7/8.   The numbers are cut on my cricut and measured  1  3/4.  I used a label punch and stamped the sentiment on it and then glued and glittered the outline.  We used Mod Podge gloss to adhere everything.
And last but not least we made door hangers.  We have a ton of pine cones here since my yard is in the woods so I always have some gathered pine cones lying around.  All we needed was some jute and jingle bells.  Seriously what grandma wouldn't have jingle bells for holiday crafts?   That's right up there with glitter!  LOL

That's it for now!!!  Kids are going out sledding again and it's snowing again!!  Going to be a hot chocolate kind of day!

Stay warm and HAPPY CARDING!

Ooooppppssss............just noticed that I forgot to post this as well as another one!  Senior moments!  LOL


  1. Oh what fun! You and the grands sure made some cute items!

  2. I know your grandkids love having an Ama like you, Susan! I'd want to be sleeping over, too!! What holiday fun!