Saturday, January 21, 2017


Today I use an old die.  Sizzix BIGZ XL many years ago had a card die where you use a 5.5 x 12" paper to make the card.  Its kind of like a tri fold with a window in the front panel.  Hard to explain and I have been all over the Internet looking for an example with no luck.  So lets just jump right in.  Here is the first one I made.  No idea why I used the wax paper doily and now looking at it it seems kind of dumb but oh and learn!
The second picture shows you what I mean by tri fold with a window.  When you close the card the little flap on the far left (of pic on right) slides into a slit in the back causing the front of the card to bend a bit.  Very cute so I decided to make 2 more.  This one turned out better since I put the fence on the window side.  One the first card I had it on the inside panel and when you slipped the flap in the slit to bend the fence bended too and looked goofy to me.

I like the last one the best. I still used a paper doily but this time just for texture.  I also added little butterflies.  I think they are adorable.

I really haven't made very many scene cards.  The scenes I have made are generally a scene stamp like the Northwoods stamps.  I love them but it is alot of coloring and I swear I still don't have shading right.  I've even attended a Northwoods Rubber Stamp class that was taught by the owners of Northwoods Rubber stamps.  I've bought their watercolor paper and use the suggested Tombow markers and my coloring is just ok.  The above scenes are more die use than stamps.  And I have a ton of dies.  Maybe I'll be making more scene cards in the future.  I'd like to make one with the box fold card so stay tune.   More may be coming.

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  1. What a fun design, Susan! I love the bowed front with its picture window that lets us peek into the fun scenes you have created here!

  2. Susan this is incredible. It might be an old die, but you sure brought it new life (and it's the first time I'm seeing it - woohoo!) I love what you've created, you've made little storybooks and created sweet little scenes!