Sunday, January 1, 2017

End Of Year Round Up

Happy New Year!!!  Time for a fresh clean start and in order to do that we have to clear out the old.  I'm doing that by gathering all the previous un-finished cards lying around the craft room, get them posted and box them up.  This way I can be completely fresh as I go into this New Year Crafting.  Hopefully I will finish all my projects this year and maybe even start on some of the kits I purchased during the year that just got put into closets!  LOL  I think we've all done that at one time or another.  So lets start the round up!!
First I have 2 cards here made with the same die.  I have bought some of the Anna Griffin dies and in order to get the paper out of the die I always run it through the machine with wax paper.  Decided to actually use the wax paper and here's what I go.  Card on left is wax paper frame and the one on the right is the actual die out of paper.
The card on the left is an everyday card and the right one is a Christmas card.  I really need to start using more of the Anna Griffin dies I have.  I think I have 12 of the big ones.  They make bigger cards.  The two above are 5x7.

Next is another 5x7.  This card has quite a variety of items used by various vendors.  First the base is card stock from Stampin up.  Then the first layer (the dark blue squares) is from Heartfelt Creations.  So are the flowers and the stamped peacock.  The white layer is from Anna Griffin. 

Next up a couple of tags.   Awhile ago I posted a card I think I called a Sunflower Note.  I really loved that card and had scraps so I made a matching tag using the same techniques. Still having some scraps I made another tag but just a slightly different floral stamp.  I love these yellow colors!  It reminds me of the end of summer but before fall comes.
I would love to make a few more of these but with different colors.  Like maybe a sea foam green, or coral.  Sometimes I just prefer to have a tag on a gift instead of an actual Birthday or Thank you card so having some of these would be a good idea to have around.

Well that's all I found so far after 3 hours of cleaning up.  Yep it's that messy and dis-organized!!  I still have alot of work to get this room cleaned up.  Maybe I'll find a few more cards or tags in this mess!

Til next time...............



  1. Susan, isn't it funny how we end up with unfinished projects? I like that you're tackling yours! WAY to go! Inspiring me to do the same.

  2. Go Susan! I love that youre 'happy carding' includes tackling your unfinished projects, too! Now that's the spirit! Each one is DAZZLING and DIVINE!! Way to go!
    Happy New year, my friend!

  3. Way to get some items off your desk- and beautiful projects as well! Love your fun ideas with wax paper! Such fun creativity. Happy New Year : )