Saturday, February 4, 2017

Valentines for Little Valentines

Hello!!  Still cold here and no sun here today!  We had a couple days of brightness but its back to gloomy skies while we wait for some sort of rain to move in.  Maybe even a dusting of snow if it gets cold enough.   To help me through all this gloom I've been working on sunny and bright.  With all the reds, pinks, and whites of Valentines it sure has been bright!  I had worked on cards for the older grandkids and grand nieces and nephews earlier.  They are posted under A Scenic Valentine.  But I have some pretty youngsters too and they would probably just tear apart those cards so something simpler was in order for them.

A friend of mine just bought a new card die from Stephanie Barnard.  Actually not new to the line of Stephanie but new to my friend!  LOL its the Square Stand Up card.  My goodness that set comes with a lot and I mean ALOT of tiny pieces!!  The whole set has a total of 28 pieces. 
 Thank goodness I only wanted to use the 3 big ones because surely I would lose at least ONE
 (yeah probably more๐Ÿ˜‰)  You can find her die HEREl
I simplified it into Valentines for the little ones that their siblings would enjoy showing them.  
Not my best work but by far the quickest.  Die cut everything then glue, glue, glue.  And you know what a little one is going to do the minute the not too much older sibling shows it to them.....wrinkle, tear, possibly eat if not caught fast enough!  LOL
Ooops..........did you catch my boo boo in my cards?  I think I'll not mention and see if any of you notice.  If so please leave a comment.  I won't be offended.  In fact I'm laughing at my own stupidity!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰
Now to start working on some adult Valentines....I need one for the Hubby and I suppose my Son and his wife since they will be here for dinner that night. to the craft room!  I have some idea's to work on.
Til next time................



  1. Oh my friend these are absolutely sensational especially this fold of card !! I love the Valentines for the little ones they are so creative and you put so much detail and love into each one ! And there is no stupidity my friend just creative embellishments !! Lol! I think you might be referring to the upside down hearts which by the way I did the same thing last week ! That just means "I'm falling for you"

  2. Susan, I don't think I've seen this shape of card before - it's a die? That's amazing! Your cards are GREAT!

    1. Yes Jeanette it's a Stand-Up die by Stephanie Barnard. Love these dies for really quick but cute cards. here's a link:
      Hmmmm this didn't highlight. You may have to copy/paste link. Sorry

  3. What a fun shape! It leaves you lots of space for designing and decorating!! Beautiful cards for all occasions!

  4. I love this cool shape of a card, I have not seen it before. I looked and looked, cannot find any boo-boo's...... I look forward to seeing the rest of your Valentines, for the adults : )