Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fold out card Planning

Today has more to do with planning out a Fold out Card than an actual finished card.  I love the look of some of the Fold Out cards on the Heartfelt Creations Site.  You can see them   here.  I love the buy a pack of pre cut card bases which is $6.99 a pack, (see them below)

 which come 4 to a pack 1 of each style and you choose a pack of white, black or Kraft.  These are available in 3 different size packs too.   4.24 x 5.5 ...5 x 7 or 6 x 6.  If you were to buy a pack of each size in each color it would cost you $62.91 plus shipping for a total of 36 cards.  Then you need a border die. A basic one has 3 decorative and 3 plain for $29.99 and that will work with some of the card borders but you need another one called elegant basic for other cards.  Also 29.99.  Then to stay true to Heartfelt you need a paper pad which is also $29.99.  Now 3 sheets of 12x12 will decorate 1 card with scraps for a different project.  So that means to make 1 card you need to spend........🥁🥁🥁(drum roll please)  $66.64  Now that's just 1 card with buying just 1 set of bases and only 1 border die and 1 paper pack.  I"M TOO CHEAP!!!!  LOL  A friend of mine did buy alot of those items (lucky for me) and I just borrowed them to trace.  To trace I needed 12x 24 paper.  I had some old cardstock that I haven't used in years so I decided to use it.  I wanted to make a few Easter cards and this paper was pastel so what the heck.  You can get 2 traced cards from 1 sheet then a third can be figured out... though it will be a totally different size....from the middle.

Really hard to see I know but here's what I was able to cut from a similar sheet just a different color.
The first card and the third are from original template the second and forth were cut from the center part of the card stock with only cutting a straight line and using the shaped ends from previous cut.  If that makes sense.  Now to decorate..... I will be cutting smaller pieces of card by using my new base as a template instead of needing a die.  I sure hope this works.  Stay tuned for card reveals.

I must say this is alot more work than buying the precut packets but I'm always looking for more frugal ways of doing things.  If I can save a few!

Till next time................................................

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  1. This looks so interesting, Susan! I can not wait to see your finished cards! I know they are going to be awesome!!