Friday, April 14, 2017

Heartfelt Creation Birthday and Fairy Fold Out Card

Finally!!!  A few posts back I had the planning of the Heartfelt Creations Fold out cards.  I had indicated that I was too "Frugal" to buy the bases so I was making my own.  Well the first card I actually made, I used the Heartfelt Creations Collection called "A Burst of Splendor".  I believe that is retired.  Anyway it was for my sister for her Birthday and it turned out beautiful.

I did not take any pictures of it Un-embellished.  I should have so you could see more of the details.
Soooooo........I decided to make another.  This time I used the Woodland Cottage collection from Heartfelt Creation and I have alot more pictures.

First you start out with your base which you can either make your own by tracing one of the store bought Heartfelt Creations cards found HERE or figure one out for yourself.  I traced from my girlfriends store bought card base.  This finished card measures 6 x 24 so each panel is 6"wide with 1st one being 6x6 and then each other one gradually shortening and having a curvy top.  Style is a basic Z fold card.  
Next the papers.  I'm using the Fairies from the Woodland Cottage collection.  You will probably need about 3 sheets in order to have a different look on each section.  Here are the papers adhered to the base.  I cut all of mine 5 7/8" wide and trimmed each piece to fit each section.  Cutting them smaller than the 6" base width allows for the fold to crease cleanly.
front closed

inside opened

backside opened
As you can see the papers are very decorative by themselves and I guess technically could just be left alone for those who do not like all the embellishing.
I used a border die for the cute top border but its not necessary.  If you check my post on Easter fold outs found HERE you can see how I added other trims.
Now all the rest is embellishing!!  ALOT of fussy cutting!!!  ALOT of glitter!!!  But the end result............................AWESOME.  
front closed

inside opened

outside opened
Pretty cool!!  All the little details make it POP!  Here's a few close ups of some of the left over fussy cuts I have.  I can now use these on another card. Funny how the camera isn't picking up the glitter.  Darn because they are so cool looking all sparkly!

 AWWWE...SOME!  Now these 2 cards are a  bit fancy due to the wonderful ability to use my friend Junes Heartfelt Creation dies but again as I said you don't need to.  You can try other trims such as my Easter cards have.  Maybe my next fold out will be using NON Heartfelt Creation papers or dies.  I'll make it more user friendly.  I know not all of us have all these fancy papers plus they are expensive so lets try a more available paper and more available edge punches.  So look forward to another fantastic Fold out card.

Til then.......................



  1. Wow! This gorgeous card goes on and on. Nice!!!

  2. Absolutely divine, Susan! I love all the frilly details inside and out, front and back, top and bottom!! Remarkable work!!

  3. Oh Susan, these are breathtaking! I love the detail you were able to achieve with the heartfelt dies and such - and the fold is fantastic!