Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Die's Have It!

I decided to play with a new die set I ordered last week.  Is a Sue Wilson die set by Creative expressions.  Seen HERE.  I bought this because of a card I saw on Pinterest, which of course I wanted to mimic.  Here's the card I saw:
PartiCraft (Participate In Craft): Thank You
Although I wanted to C.A.S.E. this exactly as seen, I was also too lazy to go down to the craft room to get supplies.  So instead I decided to make due with what I had in the grandkids craft closet in their sleepover bedroom.  I had also decided not to re-look at the card.  Which I did not until I started writing this post.  My end result is quite similar, different colors, and I forgot there was grass on the card.  Oh well....the grass die was down stairs anyway....and as you recall I didn't want to go down there.   So here it is:
In hindsight, I should have used a darker color for the tree but this is what I had.  I also think my fence is a tad big.  Other than that it's not bad.  This is the first time I have made a card using only dies.  My fence was a different die set though I don't remember the name and the clouds were a really inexpensive buy from Amazon.  I think it was a set of 3 different sizes that was perfect for cards.  I believe June and I are going to use this card as an example for the Nursing home card craft next week.  We might have to omit the tiny tiny birds in the sky and maybe even the red bird.  They are a bit small for them to handle. 

Well til next time...................................


  1. Love the addition of the swing and that tree die is amazing.

  2. Susan, those cards are awesome... loving the fence!

  3. Love this wonderful tree die and the tire swing you added! What a fun card, Susan!

  4. Hee hee! Okay, I'm with you - the only way I"d go downstairs is if someone yelled "your Starbucks is here!" I'd be sprinting, 4 stares at a time :) You did great! I like the original card but LOVE yours - so classic and serene. Love that tire swing (brings back great memories!)

  5. I love your scene- and the addition of the red bird and the clouds! I love how you improvised and used supplies without going downstairs! My crafting area is upstairs, not sure I could do a full card downstairs without any additional supplies! Love the tire swing : )