Sunday, May 25, 2014


Finally I'm able to post the OSW cards I've been talking about.  I think the ladies had fun making them and they all turned out so nice.  Although the very first one I had them construct was the simplest, it took nearly 2 hours for it to get done.  Had to laugh...thought we'd be working on the remaining 7 for the next 10 hours!  Actually once they all got the hang of it the rest went just fine.  The template used was from Seongsooks blogspot.  Super easy cutting.  We used the papers from a clearance pack of Stampin Up called Candlelight Christmas.  I took (what was considered the ugliest pattern in the pack by the ladies) and made all the sample cards.  Each of the ladies in our group was then given 1 of the remaining patterns in the pack and directions for cutting.  Here's the sample ones I made.

Now on to the groups creations.  Not everyone finished all 8 cards but most of the cards were completed.  See for yourself...they are all so cute!

I like them all !  Truly I don't think any of them can now be considered "Ugly"paper!  

I found another OSW I'd like to try and I'll get to those later this week.  Until then....


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