Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Pandemic Gift Wraps

Sorry it's a bit blurry.

HELLO!!  As this pandemic continues I find myself wanting less and less to leave my house.  I have found plenty of things to keep me busy but have found that when it comes to birthdays  I don't really have wrapping options in my house.  Once again we had another Birthday parade to attend over the weekend.  I'll have to admit I was skeptical when these started popping up in April but now I see they are happening everywhere and actually I find myself enjoying the fun.  I always like to drop off some sort of gift.  Thank goodness for Amazon lol.  But now to wrap.................Well in our house newspaper is our friend!  I know...not everyone get an actual paper anymore but up at our summer place we still are a bit old fashioned there.  A local freebie paper is delivered to every resident once a week, so I save them.  It is known in my family that if a gift comes wrapped in newspaper it's a gift from my hubby.  Now during the pandemic it's a gift from Us.  I even decorate the top of the gift with a bow or flower made from the newspaper.  So here's our Birthday Parade Gift!

The tag of course is made from paper packs that I have and boy do I have alot of paper packs!  Perfect Princess paper pack by Echo Park was what I used for the one tag and just a scrap was used for the other.  I had totally forgotten to take pictures before the parade so these are copies of copies so sorry they are not the best quality.  

There are still a few more Birthdays this months so I'm sure I'll be making more Pandemic wrapping post.

Til next time.............................................



Wednesday, August 5, 2020


  So today I was surprised by some Happy Mail from a nice lady in a card group I am in on Facebook.  It got me thinking that although I have read many posts on other people giving and receiving Happy Mail I personally have never sent any to a total stranger.  So I decide to jump in and give it a try.  I am not as ambitious as other ladies in that group are as I have decided to start small and using the letters in my first name I'd pick a person out from each state of the 5 letters.  Then to make it interesting (to me) I decided once I had a state the person would be picked by their street name which had to mean something to me.  For example one person lived on Lighthouse rd...well at my summer place we have a lighthouse on our road so I picked that person and so on.

My envelope will have Halloween die cuts in it.  I figured its about that time when we may want to make a Fall or Halloween card or tag.  Speaking of which..........I decided to add a little tag to the mail.  These are 3 x 5.
They are not really Halloween but rather fall and can be attached to some nice fall bake goods.
I can't wait to get these in the mail.  I also look forward to doing it again.

Til next time.......................