Saturday, June 12, 2021

Happy Mail Thank You

 I love Happy Mail!  It has been such a rocky road for me this year and Covid had nothing to do with my ride.  But because of all the ups and downs I have had to go through finding something pretty and homemade in the mail has been such a treat for me.  Those cards have brought smile to my heart when I truly felt like crying.  So I have been trying to send Thank you's that are a little less basic.  Of course I love fancy folds so I want them all to be fancy fold cards if I can.  Now most people add little extras in the envelopes.  Some add paper, some add stickers, others add die cuts.  I had decided I would add a mini starter card with the basics and instructions for the fun fold card I have sent as a thank you.  They add the embellies of choice and sentiment.  Of course theirs would not be identical to mine because I believe no 2 cards should ever be identical but they need to see how to lay it out.  Then I came up with an awesome thought.  PRESS AND SEAL!!!  Yep  the stuff from Glad Wrap.  So first off here's my thank you card.  Its a slimline card that as far as I know has no name on the fold.

The base is 6x6 scored at 3 and folded.  Then on the fold mark from the edge you cut in 2".  That 2" flap gets glued down and the 4" flap on the other side opens to reveal your sentiment inside the card..  Once completed the card measures 3x6 and fits in a standard security envelope which I purchase at the Dollar Tree.

Now for the mini kit I'm sending her.  I cut all the main pieces.  Like I said she will have to provide the embellies and sentiment.  I then laid it all out on the top of the card and laid a piece of Press and Seal over the top.  Flipped it over and pressed it all down and trimmed off the excess but left a folded part for her to grab and unwrap.

Is that cool or what???  I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier.  No pieces get lost, you see exactly how the pieces should go together and everything is flat!  Plus nothing comes flying out as you open the envelope!  Ok I'm having a hard time patting my back LOL!😄😄

Well I sure hope she like it and I am sure going to use this technique again and again and again.

Til Next Time............................................