Monday, April 25, 2016

Red, White, Blue OSW

So today's post is all about the One Sheet Wonder card class for the nursing home residents.  I had decided to do RED, White, and Blue as our theme.  I needed to keep this super super simple so I used the easiest template I could find which was originally from Mae Collins seen HERE.  (note I did not use all the pieces, her template makes 9 cards and I had to keep it down to 3)  After I found a sheet of red and blue patterned paper I went to work cutting them out and arranging them for each set of cards. Only then did I realize that I forgot to include pieces for the samples.   Like I said I had pieces left over but none were for the cards we were making!  Duhhhh...what a dope!  LOL  So I had to find similar colors (thank goodness red and blue is easy) and make my samples which don't match what we are going to do but that's ok.
So here are some of the kits partially completed.  Each row is a different card.  The sample cards are a bit different from the pattern paper the residents will be using but they are just samples.  LOL
Card on the left is from the kit in the middle row on above picture.  The middle card is the kit on bottom row and the card on right is from kit on the top row.  I'm sure hoping this is a "YAY" from the residents.  
Well I'm now going to go enjoy the rest of a beautiful day.  Hope your getting sunshine where your at!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Seasonal OSW

Things over here are "Greening" up.  We finally are getting warmer...sunnier weather and I can't be Happier!  It has been a L O N G winter.  Not so much freezing cold and not a ton of snow(but enough) but is has been so dreary.  Many days without sunshine and that just made me want to just curl up on the sofa and do nothing but watch movies and surf Pinterest.  Not a great way to spend days!  Well...........maybe some days!  heehee.  So now the suns been out for days and temps are getting more spring like.  I have a busy schedule ahead with the Nursing home craft session and card club, plus my own Card night with fellow cardmakers, then the upcoming 1st Communion for my granddaughter.  Busy busy busy!

So I was thinking of what can be done for this months Nursing home card club.  One of the ladies liked the birthday card I gave her and wanted to make some similar.  It was a card that I grabbed from my stash of OSW cards and I thought hmmmmm....lets do those!  Make them seasonal so we will concentrate on Red, White and Blue.  That can be for Memorial day, 4th of July, Summer, Labor day.  Now to find paper!  

Above is the original selection.  I believe I posted these 5-8-14 under the title All Occasion OSW.  Seen HERE  The card I gave her was the one on the Far top right.  I definitely think they can handle putting these together.   We can do 3 in class and the rest they can do on their own in their free time.  Trust me doing 3 cards even with all pieces cut and stamped has taken us a minimum of 2.5 hours in the past!  LOL
Well I'm off to find some papers in Red White and Blue.  Can't wait to see what develops!
Till next time...............


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Follow Up to last 2 posts

Hi....Just thought I'd put a follow up from my last 2 post "Flower Fails" and "Just for You".   Well the Nursing Home card making day went great!  The residents were given their card kits and a short introduction to flower making.  I brought in a ton of punched flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and stars.  I showed them basic layering and how to add stitch lines to make them pop a bit. one one decided to add the stitched lines.  Maybe I went to far "technically" for them!  LOL!   Then it was on to the cards!  Here's a little peek of some of their finished masterpieces.

I think they turned out pretty cute.  They were able to put their card kits together with little help.  Note to self...Tie all ribbons.....Pre-stamp sentiments.  
Hope you enjoyed the update! Have a wonderful day!


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Just for You

Hello!!!  Well it's still chilly here and it's suppose to be spring!  There's suppose to be rain so the flowers can start growing but instead we get periodic snow flurries!  
Today I decided to share with you some flowers.  I have a card class coming up at the nursing home and I thought we should make something Springy since Mother Nature isn't cooperating.  This card is for easy mailing due to the flatness of the flowers.  June and I try to keep things as flat as we can to keep the residents from having to pay extra postage.  All in all I think the card turned out cute.  Here's the outside.
The die for the card was an older "Steel Rule" sizzix Bigz XL die.  I think it was called Fancy edge Bracket.  Could be wrong but anyway...........I added a few flowers and a couple butterflies to help decorate the front.
The inside was left pretty simple too.  There's a little flower on the right side of the yellow tag.  
I have all the card kits cut and bagged and ready for Friday afternoon.  Each card base is a different color since I used scraps but I was able to find coordinating papers for each base.  I hope the ladies enjoy putting these together and trying out flower layering.  Maybe it'll encourage them to be a little more creative and not rely so much on glitter and blings!

Enjoy your day and.................


Monday, April 11, 2016

Flower Fails

  Hi everyone.  Boy it's been so busy here and yet when I try to figure out why..I don't have an answer.  Must just be everyday life!
I've been trying to put together simple flowers for the nursing home card class.  Their supplies are limited but one lady in particular wants to be able to make some on her own for the cards she makes for family.  I punched out a bunch of flowers from scraps I've had and even used some colorful calendars that have just been laying around.  Sometimes those calendars have some awesome colors on them and can make quite pretty flowers.  But........trying to keep these flowers from looking flat is another chore in itself!  So I layered a few but sadly they looked like flat paper flowers in a pile.  NOT what I was looking for.  So next I curled the petals.  Better but.......I still wasn't pleased.  Yes I AM HARD TO PLEASE!!!  They need a center of some sort.  A button??  Sure but where are they going to find extra buttons?  It's not like they are going out to Hobby Lobby when they need something.  Plus there's the choke hazard.  Some of the wondering residents could pick up a fallen button or bead.  Tried a little glitter glue which works ok but then I will have to purchase glitter glue for everyone.  So I decided to take a break...step back...and look at what I had already done to see if anything "Hits me".
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........................................................Nope! I would prefer the flowers be more 3D so I tried simplifying a 3d flower but it's hard to simplify and I still don't think they could even do this.
I think its too much manipulating.  Sooooo I think we will stick with layering but keeping flat.
I'm sure the cards will turn out fine that I have decided to do with them.  So stay tune for the card reveal.

Til Next time.......


Friday, April 8, 2016

Hop Right To It

A simply adorable, easy card using the circle flip it card die by Stephanie Barnard.  I needed 2 Birthday cards for 2 very special Grand-nieces who just so happened to have been born on the same day 2 years apart.  The first turns 7 and the second turns 5!  Oh my where has the time gone.  I had found some "Froggy" 3D stickers about 2 years ago at the Dollar Tree up in Wisconsin.  I bought them simply because they were cute and I had no idea when or how I was going to use them.  Then when I needed 2 birthday cards this year I remembered the frogs and dug out some yellow and green card stock from a paper pad I had.  I think they turned out adorable.  I know my 2 nieces will love flipping them back and forth.
Though you can't really tell I added some stickles to the polka dots just for some extra sparkle and you know how little girls LOVE SPARKLE!!  Altho I forgot to take a picture of the inside before I mailed these, the circles on the inside were stamped Happy (top circle) Birthday (bottom circle) and the child's name (middle circle).  After all pieces were cut out it literally only took 5 minutes to make both cards!!!  While I was cutting out pieces I cut an additional 6 sets (minus the stickers) for future kids birthday cards.  Now I'll be ready in a pinch!!
Well until later.......................................


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Friday Nite Card Nite

Wow the weekend zipped right past me!  I got together with the ladies Friday Night for cards and boy we sure didn't get much don!  LOL We gabbed alot and the ladies surprised me with a little birthday celebration.  By the time we got up stairs to make cards it was getting late.  Next thing we knew it was midnight!  AND we only got 3 cards done.
For mine I decided to use a paper pack I got on clearance about a year ago.  It contains printed cork and is 12x12.  I used a piece of it for the first layer on the card.
The stamp is a Hero Arts stamp and I stamped on a piece of scrap watercolor paper that I used as a protectant when spraying Glimmer Mists.  I don't throw these away because they make beautiful homemade flowers when punched.  Anyway the 3 little tabs are actually scraps of the layer turned backwards and tiny mulberry paper flowers that I punched out and added a little red bling to center.  The butterflies were also punched out of the scraps of Glimmer Misted paper.  Now that I'm looking at it I think I'll add a little pearl to the butterflies and a few rhinestones around the flower.

Well until later........................