Sunday, June 23, 2019

More loaded Pockets

Hello.  Is it sunny by you yet?  We have had our share of cloudy days here in the mid-west.  I see on the first full day of summer Colorado had some snow.  Oh my!  At least our temps have gone up and finally are in the 80's but its humid with all the rain.  So what does one do during all these rainy days?  You craft.  And what better craft than making loaded pockets.  I won't take time to tell you how to make them.  You can go to my post with simple instructions HERE 

This time I decided they needed to be stuffed with more generic things.  The first batch I made would be great for another crafter with the little embellies in them but when I really thought about it to give them out randomly maybe they should have something else.  So I decided that these would be stuffed with 3 inspirational tags, a few mini envelopes with little notes inside and a flavor pack for a water bottle or a small chocolate.
Each pocket also has a little magnet attached to the backs so they could be  put on a refrigerator just as something pretty.  I bagged them in cello bags from the Dollar Tree and used scrap cardstock to staple them shut.  A stamp I found from Joanns way back was absolutely perfect.  The sentiment said exactly what I wanted to express.  I can't wait to start handing these out.  But first I need to do some bagging.  lol  For sure I will be doing alot of these.  How cute for Halloween?  Oh and Christmas!  Oh my........I am going to be busy for sure.  Good thing I have my Christmas cards done!  

Til next time........................

Friday, June 21, 2019

Fancy fold Birthdays

Hi everybody. It still isn’t summer here in the Midwest. Up at the lake it’s quite chilly at 52 degrees. Feels a little bit more like fall.  But it’s sunny and comfy on the porch.  A few post ago I made a fancy fold fathers day card.  I so loved the easiness of this card that I decided to make a few more.  While up at the lake I have limited space and limited supplies.  The nearest craft store is an hour and a half away.  The nearest LSS is 35 min away so I really have to use what I have on hand.  During the summer while here I need a few birthday cards so this one is perfect.  First up are 2 masculine cards.

Next I needed a few girly cards so I used the same fancy fold and girly'd it up.  Hmmmm…is that a word?  Lol.

All of these were made with Graphic 45 papers.  For the guy cards I used Communique Collection and Good ‘Ol Sport collection.  Both were from 2013 and I believe they are both retired.  For the girly cards I used Time to Flourish collection from 2014.  This might still be available.  You can check out for availability of all current collections.

I am a big fan of G45 and their collections are a perfect choice for my cabin creating space.

Til next time

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Fancy Fold Envelope Card

I am truly addicted to this card.  This is the 3rd one I have made and each one is turning out so different.  Originally suppose to be an envelope card for inside a journal, my first one turned out so cute and Shabby Chic that I decided to use it as a card instead.  Then using the same technique I had made it with Graphic 45 Mother Goose papers for a cute little girl birthday card.  Now with Fathers Day coming I pulled out more Graphic 45 papers and made it into a fathers day card.  For more details on how to make this super easy card from envelopes see the post HERE

This could also be used as a Birthday card too.  Love that the papers don't need alot of embellishing.  Although you can embellish it up like crazy if you want.  I have probably 3 more various paper line to make some more of these and I can't wait they are so fun and a good way for me to use up envelopes that I have laying around. Sentiments for these cards are put on the backs.

Til next time

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Loaded Pockets just for fun

Hi Again...back with more embellie fun.  Remember all those I made in my last post?  Well I decided I needed to find a place to use them.  So many people have jumped on the Loaded Envelope train.  What a great idea!  Only I wanted to be a bit different so I made a pocket instead.  Do you remember the little paper cups we use to make in grade school?  You'd fold a square piece of paper (we usually used ruled school paper) into a triangle then brought the point on the left to the middle flipped it over and repeated with the other point then took one of the top points and slipped it into the part you folded over.  OK now that I'm trying to write it sounds confusing but it's not.  If you remember then GREAT!!!  If not?  Well here's a photo that I hope helps.
For these pockets.fold a square (I used 6x6) as in upper left example.  Then bring top point down to bottom fold as in upper right example.  Take points from left and right sides and line up with fold line under flap as in bottom left example.  Then glue your flap only at the point as in example on bottom right.  Does that make sense?  Boy I hope so because they really are easy.

So...I made the pocket from a 6"x6" piece of double sided cardstock.  Its the blue cup like thing on the upper right.  All the embellies surrounding it fit into the pocket.

If you look closely I even made a teeny tiny pocket that is holding 2 little tags.  The little envelopes have little slips of paper in them for a little note.  The little purse with the bow on it is one that I made from the previous post and is held shut with an altered paperclip.  I even included a large paperclip with the bigger flower on it .

So do you want to see them all stuffed?  They are adorable!

Aren't they cute?  Now what to do with them you are probably asking.  Well my intentions are to use them for random acts of kindness.  I will bag these (and others I'm sure to make) and when the mood hits me...just hand 1 out.  Maybe to the Post Office lady who is so nice in conversation when mailing my cards, or how about the random person celebrating their birthday at a restaurant your eating at.  You know how sometimes the wait staff comes out with a cupcake and candle and everyone sings?  Wouldn't it be awesome to just walk up to the table and say "Here you go Happy Birthday".  We are given so many opportunities to put a smile on a strangers face and often we ignore the opportunity because we don't know what to do.  This would be perfect.

Til later

Sunday, June 9, 2019

More Snow Fun Tags by Carta Bella

Its a Sunny day and I'm talking Snow.  Somethings wrong with this picture.  LOL  We here by the Great Lakes have been waiting for spring to arrive and it has been taking it's sweet time getting here.  Calendar says it's nearly summer but we are still having 50's at night and finally 70's during the day.  I think our spring is right now which may mean we will have hot weather right up to October.  Anyway.back to snow.  When I was making my embellies earlier I had used some of the papers from the 6x6 pad from Carta Bell called Snow fun with then intentions of using them on some tags to help complete my personal challenge of Number of tags from a 6x6 pad.  This is a slow task considering I'm not tickled pink over this pad but I do intend to make the best of it and finish the challenge eventually.  lol

So here's what I came up with for the next 6 tags.
The tags are 2.5" x 5.5". I just used the tag sleeves and tags I made earlier and kept the rest of the tag pretty simple.  Somehow knowing how I love to add do dads,  I feel like I cheated making these tags because they are so simple.  I still have quite a bit of paper left in this pad so I will continue but I really need to add more "WOW" to the next batch.

Til then............................

Friday, June 7, 2019

Comfort Zone Card update

This is just a shorty post today.
A bit ago I did a post on Comfort Zone. Details can be found HERE   I was so sure that I would be making a fancy envelope to put into a page of a Journal.  I guess it could have still gone into a journal but the journal I have I was assuming would be used for funky types of techniques and my envelope turned out more Shabby Chic.  Which I loved and it is now being considered a fancy fold card.  I showed the process to my group of lady friends during one of our crafting days and they loved it.  During my show and tell I had decided that I wanted to make one with more of a child in mind.  So I pulled out a very old pad of Graphic 45 Mother Goose papers.  Now I have an adorable little card for a very cute little girl who will be turning 5 in July.
Above is the front while closed.   There is not alot of embellishing on this.  I did fussy cut the pumpkin , girl, leaves and flower on the plaid paper.
The little tags pull out and have Birthday wishes on them.  Well that's all for now.



Hello from a lovely rainy day in Illinois.  I've been cleaning up some of my scattered stuff and hated to throw out the scraps that I thought I may still be able to use.  Mo9st of these were at least 6"x6" pieces.  Some nearly 2" wide x around 6".  So I decided to make some embellies.  Not sure what I would use them with but at least I'll have some laying around.  Decided to make some little tags with slip over envelopes and then a real cute little purse that could be given as a little gift with tags inside of it.  Then for the tiniest pieces I made some little envelopes.  Here's what I have so far.
The two items with the bows on the far right are the purses.  So cute and little.  To make you start with a piece of cardstock 3"x6"  score at 2" on long side bottom.  That will be the bottom of your purse when you fold it.  Then you need 2 pieces 2"x maybe 2.5" to 3"  The only measurement that needs to be exact is the 2" and the other one just needs to be a bit longer.  These 2 pieces will make the gusset on the sides of the purse.   Fold in half and then each end in half again.  See pic below.  They will be fitted and trimmed on the sides of the purse and glued down.
Purse pieces are on the left.  Tag with envelope are on the right.  Anyway the skinny piece folded on the left is what you start out with then the piece on the right is after it had been fitted to the purse piece.  Picture below shows pieces glued to the bottom 2" of the purse then glue to the mid section.
When done there is enough room for a few small tags and a couple envelope embellies.  I made the paper bow for the top and it closes with a tiny bit of Velcro.

The tags with slip envelope embellie is super easy too.  Start with a 3"x4" piece of cardstock.  On 4" side score at 1" and 2 7/8" turn and score bottom at 2 3/4".  Cut small pieces off on left and right sides as shown in picture with purse.   Glue and embellish then slip in a 1 3/4"x3" tag.  I'm going to incorporate the Christmas ones to my Tag challenge of how many tags from a 6x6 pad.  That's where the Christmas ones came from.  So you will be seeing them again. lol
Such a great way to spend a rainy day.

Til next time

Fancy Fold Fathers Day Card

Oh my....Fathers day is around the corner.  Though my own is long gone as well as my Father in law, I do like to appreciate my hubby for all he does for our disabled son.  As usual I prefer to make Fancy Fold cards.  I saw this on Pinterest and although I pretty sure Ive made this style before I can't remember when.  The original posted did not have measurements but it was easy enough to figure out.  You can see the original poster HERE.

This is my demo card made from all scraps.  You need a piece of card stock 
4.25" x 11" and score at 5.5"   6.5"   8.5"   9.5"  You will need another piece of card stock measuring 3.25" x 6" and score at 4" and 5".  Then pick out your designer papers and layer away.  I chose to do this one with manly cigar theme papers from Tim Holtz paper pack called Dapper.  Loved all these prints in this pad and had a really hard time decided what to use.  I thought this cigar paper was very appropriate for my hubby.  He is a guitar player and has made a cigar box guitar.  A couple in fact so this paper seemed perfect.

Originally I was going to place Happy Fathers Day on the front but I didn't want to take away from the paper so I opted to just place the sentiment on the back.  This card fold to a standard 4.25" x 5.5" size card.  Oh my goodness if you like quick and simple you have got to make one of these cards.  I think it would be a great Christmas card using one of the Graphic 45 line and one of their Ephemera cards for the front.  Hmmmm.....that's a good idea for the next time I get together with the ladies for craft night.
I hope you enjoyed this simple Fancy Fold and until next time.....


Tuesday, June 4, 2019


  Hello!  The weather is sort of getting nicer.  At least the rains have stopped for now.  lol  I have been up to the cabin to open for the season and now am back home to take care of some business.  While I was up there I had a few visits with my sister.  A friend of hers invited the 2 of us for dinner at her new place.  A very cute apartment up high on a hill just outside of town with a spectacular view of the lake.  We had a very nice evening of Watermelon Slushies and Pizza.  I wanted to send her a card thanking her for her hospitality.
  I wanted to do something with flowers.  After all it's suppose to be close to summer here and yet it is so so chilly still.  You know me and fancy folds, my fave, but I didn't want something too complicated to open in case she's not a crafty person.  So I opted for a simpler fancy fold of a double zig zag cascading card.  There are tutorials all over pinterest on how to make one of these.  Some have wording that is just way too complicated to understand but this one was very easy. She used DSP and I just used plain cardstock.  You can find her tutorial HERE

So here's my rendition:
The paper I used was from an old pad of K&COMPANY.  I just love the colors in this sheet and the fish is part of the paper.  Doesn't it look like it is 3D?  It's not.  I did not do a thing to that fish.  LOVE IT!  All the flowers I made from the same sheet using the flower dies that came with the Graphic 45 tag die set.  My first though while cutting everything out was that I could bling up everything with some glitter but after assembling the card and adding the pearls I changed my mind.  I think this card needs no other bling.  I'm pretty sure my sisters friend will be impressed.

Til next time

Monday, June 3, 2019


Ever notice how its easy to put something together to motivated a friend than it is to motivate yourself? At a drop of a hat I can usually come up with an example of how to use an item or a few ideas for birthday cards etc.  I challenged my self to use a particular paper pad by Carta Bella and I have gone through only half of the pad and have 19 tags completed but in between,  while trying to get motivated,  I have completed other projects.  I even was able to whip up some tags to motivate a friend who was going on a little retreat.

Its a funny story.  She didn't really want to go but tried to get excited about the event.  I tried to get her motivated by dropping off a travel bag with some goodies inside including a small set of tags I made to get her juices flowing.  While on the retreat I would send her a text here and there with something I had made to try and keep her motivated.  I failed horribly!  lol  While I whipped up some tags seen on this post I also made Teacher tags seen HERE none of it motivated her enough to want to do it again lol.

Here's what I started her out with.
I had totally forgotten about these tags until she returned some of the supplies I lent her.  Let me tell you my stash of tags for this coming Christmas is sure growing!  From her special weekend retreat here is what she made.
Adorable though I have to laugh at the fact that she was away for an entire weekend and only made 3 tags.
I told her I was going to post this and she's ok with that.  I have a strong personality and am very lucky she tolorates me lol.  We tend to have the same taste when it comes to paper lines and styles which is great because we can feed our ideas off each other.  But I guess when you go somewhere you don't want to go to, or try to make things your not interested in at the moment, you complete little.

So comes the title of this post.  Snow Days.....yep I am still trying to get motivated to complete my personal challenge of how many tags I can get from One paper pack.  As you recall the pack was from Carta Bella called Snow Fun.  I have not gotten any further than my first 19 posted HERE
 I KNOW!!!!  How bad is that!  I give grief with a hint of motivation to others but can't seem to kick my butt hard enough to complete my own challenge.
So I guess before I have to eat crow I better get motivated??????

Til next time