Sunday, September 30, 2018

Jungle Baby card

Hello!!!  Welcome to the Jungle!  A very dear friend of mine is becoming a grandma for the 1st (kind of) time.  Her son is to become a father.  He has been practicing since the mother to be has an 18 month old little boy right now and she is due with his first in the beginning of October.  Everyone is very excited.  My ladies group put together a Jungle scrapbook for the new Grandma.  We used that theme because the theme for the shower is all Jungle.  I personally am very sad that I won't be able to attend but I was able to help in the building of the diaper cake this weekend.  Oh what fun that was!  Cindy and I hot glued, paper punched and decorated while June and Karen rolled the diapers for us.  I have no idea how many diapers we used but this is what we came up with.

So adorable for a centerpiece if that's how it will all be used.  Or Marilyn may just scatter them all around the room.  The ladies promised me pictures from the shower next week. 

Cindy and I worked on a card for the shower gift too.  We started with the base already cut.  I had tried the new fold at home before showing up at her house.  I said "'s a jungle green card with some gold leopard border on it now lets put our heads together and figure out how to decorate the rest."  Well TA it is...........
The brownish papers are from Echo Park, the animals are a die...not sure of brand because they are not mine.  The tree is a sticker.  Cindy cut off the backs of Brads for the little embellies on the gold border and our sentiment is attached to corrugated card stock.  There was a blank tan piece attached to the back for signing.

Now back to the card.  I'm not taking credit for this one though this is my version.  The card is called a DOUBLE GATEFOLD POP-UP card.  The original I found HERE  I did not purchase the tutorial she has but if you'd like it you can see it there.  My own pieces may have fit better if I had used her tutorial but you know me I love a challenge.

Well that's all for now.

Til next time.......................


Monday, September 3, 2018

Star Card with a Twist.

Hello!!  This card is popping up all over the Internet.  Most of the tutorials are done in German making it a bit confusing for this American Girl!  Well if you seek Ye shall find!  But not all have full instructions or they are in Cm's instead of inch's or there are 2 different ways for the base and the fronts to fit together or there is large sized ones and small sized ones.  So after some fiddling I think I have what you need to follow along and make one of these beauties.
 We are making the small one which when finished standing measures 5.5 x 5.25".
You don't need alot of supplies either.

1 piece solid card stock for base measuring 6" x 5"
1 piece double sided DSP measuring 5.75" x 4.75"
Embellishment of choice for center of front (varies with occasions)

Along 6" side score and fold at 3".  Then open and cute from the 3" mark to bottom left and bottom right corners to make a triangle with score mark in middle.  Save the 2 side pieces for front.

With the DSP having the 5.75" side at top of trimmer cut at 2 5/8" then with each half cut diagonally.  See pic below.

Arrange DSP on base pieces and glue down.  DSP will need to have 2 of the pieces flipped so make sure you are using double sided DSP.

After base has pieces on fold along score line and make a tick mark 2" (3 1/4" for larger card)up from the slanted side with straight folded side lined up on a grid to make sure it is straight.  Then from this tick mark make a 3/4" (1 1/2") cut straight down.  As seen below.

Sounds confusing but if you have the folded end lined straight and the wider bottom part up against the top of your trimmer measure down 2" and place tick.  Hope this makes sense.

Now with the 2 front pieces place together on angle until you are satisfied.  A small "W" will form at the bottom.  When you are satisfied glue the 2 pieces together.

Now Just slide the front piece into the slits of the back piece!

CUTE!!!  Now add your embellies and your done! This will fit in a 5.5" square  envelope.

Here's one done with larger pieces.  The base starts at 9 x 6 3/8" and then the 2 pieces of DSP would be 4.25 x 6  and just follow the same directions above for assembly.
I believe this card requires a 6 x 6" envelope.  They are so cute and easy I just may be making a few more soon.

Til next time...........