Monday, December 9, 2019

Atari Ornaments? OK

Remember Atari?  Video games of the 80's.  My son loved it and never got rid of his system.   He collected and horded games and has since expanded his own sons video game interest into the Atari world.  We are all so surprised that my grandson actually likes playing these old games.  My son has actually searched for old 1980's TV sets.  Once the word got out that he wanted one people in our community started contacting him offering him theirs free if he picks it up.  He loves the 80's and has formed a little corner in his world with retro stuff.
My sons passion cracks me up and watching my grandson in a room that looks just like ours did back in the 80's brings back so many memories for me.  If I didn't know better I would swear the little guy in the picture was my son instead of my grandson.  Anyway back to the point.  My son had received 4 round Atari stickers which he gave to me to turn them into ornaments.  He wants to add a little tree to his corner and thought Atari ornaments would be awesome.  Being a paper crafter makes it a bit easy to come up with a plan.  So here's what I made for him.  His very own Atari Ornaments.   
As you can see I used the Maymay Made it Wreath idea as an ornament.  One on bottom right is a rectangle treat box ornament with the smaller sticker popped up.  The 2 larger stickers with the blue background were 3" in diameter so I just used 1 for the front of a snowflake ornament and the other as a ball ornament.  He loved them and plans on taking a staged photo for his Facebook profile pic.  How much do you want to bet that he steels my Charlie Brown tree too?  LOL  That boy keeps me on my toes for sure.

Til next time..........
Happy Carding!

Thursday, December 5, 2019


Three weeks and counting til Christmas.  I have the house decorated.  The presents bought (not wrapped yet).  The main food for the feast in the freezer and my cards all mailed.  Now all that's left is random crafts and tags for the gifts.  Though I have made a ton throughout the year.  
When I was at Michael's a few weeks ago I saw these 6x6 paper pads for $5.  I picked up a bunch and used some to create that Maymay made it wreath with my Niece in law but I still had alot of unused pads.  So to the table I go.

The 2 pads I'm using today are Christmas Farmhouse and North Pole News by Recollection.  These are single sided pads but very pretty papers and perfect for tags.
I pulled out the usable background sheets from each pad as well as the cut apart sheets I could use.  Between the 2 pads I got 9 background sheets and 4 cut apart sheets.
Away I went!  All of my large tags are 2.5 x 6 and out of those background sheets I was able to get 18 tags.  But I still had scraps.  I have this insane issue where I seem to need to not waste a thing so I was also able to get 7 small tags that measured 1.75 x 3.75.  You would think I'd quit there but NOPE!  I got 4 more tags using the scraps of scraps.  1 large, 1 small and 2 odd sized ones using up just about everything.  including the circles from punching the holes for the grommets (which I made from scraps heehee)
So here they all are:
Do you see that little pile of scraps in the right had corner?  That is literally all that is left of those 9 sheets of 6 x 6 backgrounds.  I now need to use those cut aparts and start embellishing those tags.  I also need to add ribbons too.  Technically these could be used as is.  The papers are so pretty I hate to cover them but if I don't jazz them up then it wouldn't be me!  But I did want to show you that with bare minimum you can have a little collection of tags for special gifts.  And incase you are wondering all my tag bases are made from recycled paper.  A company was moving and changing their logo so all the card stock, linen stationary, and envelopes were going to be disposed of.  A friend of mine works there and brought home alot of it.  I was lucky enough to get some and with some cutting I was able to repurpose the papers.

All I did was remove the green and the black line and I'm able to cut this down for tags.  I'm able to get 3 large tags and  smaller one per sheet.  Its a WIN for me.

Well I'm off to decorate my tags.  Hope this inspires you to whip some up soon.

Til later

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Christmas Box Fun

HO HO HO HO!!!!  Christmas is coming!!! Sometimes I feel like a little kid.  I love everything about Christmas.  The Music.  The Stories.  The Baking.  The Presents.  How oh how did I have the patience to wait when I was a child?  My grand kids are so antsy all month.  To help settle down the ants in their pants I created the Christmas box.  Ok I didn't really "Create" it I embellished the idea.  There are a ton of ideas on the internet pertaining to this box.  Most are just a box for Christmas Eve.  It would include things like new Jammie's, a Christmas story book, maybe some candy.  Everyone has their own take on the idea.  I expanded it for my grand kids and made it into a box with activities for the entire month.  My first one was just an Amazon box decorated and filled.  I had decided I'd like to have a reusable box so I made one from a Michael's wooden crate.  Then comes the fun part.  Gathering items to excite the kids.  This year I added hot cocoa mugs for everyone and at least 4 regular craft items.  Then the staples for the box's like reindeer food, Santa soup, Christmas movies popcorn for movie watching.  The kids also get the paper and envelopes for Santa letters to the north pole.  I tuck in a calendar and fill the days with some suggested activities like dropping off cookies at the firehouse or go to Dickens in Dundee to look at the holiday window displays.  The kids absolutely LOVE this box.  Now it does take some planning and you do have alot of paper work to gather but the internet helps with free printables so you just have to decide what you want in your box and print away. Make up your own little calendar and fill in the activities.  This website has some nice printables that I have used.
Christmas Box

Now I will admit if I was a young mom with small kids there is no way I'd be able to pull this off.  Not on top of regular Christmas stuff.  But I'm a Grandma....I have time so why not.  I know moms have things to do, cooking, cleaning, homework cop, shopping ...the list goes on and on.  But if you do find the time this is a great treat for the kids.  Keeps them busy and it makes waiting for the big day easier.

Til Next Time...............................

A Natures Wreath

This year my husband and I decided to go visit my sister up north and stay in her spare cabin (I know right?  Who has spare cabins?) for the Thanksgiving weekend.  Usually I'm home and visit with the grand kids but this year brought other plans.  So I hurried and decorated my house for Christmas before we left since usually I get this done over Thanksgiving. Upon arriving at the cabin I was already feeling remorse at leaving everyone behind.  I had no cooking to do as I was instructed to do NOTHING.  So I decided to put a little Christmas into the cabin.  I started first with a little tree she had tucked in a corner. Added lights and beads and a few old ornaments I found in a closet and a dish towel for a skirt.  lol.  It was cute enough for me.  I also found some blue garland, a large pine cone and 2 nut crackers she had in a cabinet so I spruced up the fireplace as well.  I had then decided the front door needed a wreath.  My darling husband went out and trimmed a few branches from some trees and I gathered some smaller pine cones, a piece of driftwood and some seagull feathers from the beach.  We used a coat hanger for the base and not having any ribbon I decided to put a Piggly Wiggly shopping bag to use.  After all it was red and white so it would work.  Everything turned out great and we had an awesome Thanksgiving away from home.  I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings as well.

A little glue...glitter... and nature go a long way! I also took a glass Ice coffee bottle and added some red branch's from some dogwoods by the driveway.  A little glue and a little glitter a couple pine cones and BAM instant table center piece!

Til Next Time
Happy Crafting!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Christmas Wreath the Maymay way

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas here.  We have had record cold temps and SNOW!  Ughhhh.  It sure has put me in a happy/sad mood.  Happy because I love decorating for Christmas and sad that we never really had a fall.  I plan on being gone over Thanksgiving which is when I usually decorate and Thanksgiving is very very late this year.  So with that in mind I decided to pull out my Christmas stuff early.  Plus as you could tell by my last post it's time for Christmas crafts too.  My Niece-in-law (is that a thing?  N.I.L.?)loves coming over to craft and earlier I had seen a "maymay made it" tutorial on a paper wreath.  Looked so cute so I went out, got some paper and waited for Liz to come over to craft.  Here's a link to maymay's tutorial HERE

I was at Michael's the other day and they had these 6x6 paper pads for $5.   They were double sided so it was perfect for this project. Now just a word of advice...these pads are by Recollection but not all their Recollection pads are double sided.  So you need to check the inside first.  I never noticed and just assumed.   Just a little buyer beware.  I bought what I thought were 5 double sided pads but I only actually flipped through just 1 pad while at the store and ended up with 2 pads that were single sided.  Anyway........ My N.I.L. works at an animal hospital and I saw this cute paper pack that just screamed "BUY ME".  So I got it for her and I went with more traditional papers for me.

Maymay used 12x12 sheets and cut them down to 6x6's but this worked for me.  We used cut aparts instead of stickers but basically followed Maymay's directions.

Aren't these cute?   The whole project only took about 2 hours and a few mini glue sticks.  

Enjoy and til next time

Thursday, November 7, 2019


Well I've been quite busy lately closing up my summer place and trying to help the grandkids with their Halloween stuff but maybe now I can get crafting.

As the Christmas season creeps up on us we are all looking for simple little thank you's to give to the mail man or Teachers or even that UPS driver who is delivering like a million packages to our houses over this season.  Since there were many thank you's I wanted to make I needed them to be quick and easy and I wanted them done yesterday!  LOL  I'm usually "A day late A dollar short" kind of gal but this year I wanted to be more prepared.  I saw this on Pinterest (of course .... my favorite place to be! LOL) and then forgot to PIN it.  But it's easy enough to figure out so I just jumped in.  Little Coffee mugs that require no dies!  ! sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper will give you 2 mugs and handles.  You then need just scraps or a solid sheet of card to punch out circles for the bottom of the mug.  That's not to say you need a punch.  This could easily be done with just a square cut out of cardstock too.  So here's what you need.

1 sheet 8.5 x 11
1 sheet solid cardstock or scrap
paper trimmer that also has a score blade
2" scallop or round paper punch is optional

Cut your paper to 8.5 x 4.75 (cut 2 pieces to get 2 mugs from same card stock)  With the scrap piece left over cut 2 pieces 4" x 1" for handle (1 piece per cup)
With solid piece cut one 2" circle or with trimmer cut a 1.75 x 1.75 square for bottom of the cup.  You can also (as an option which I did) cut you handles from the solid piece of card stock instead of using the same pattern as the mug.

With the short end of the 8.5 x 4.75 at top of trimmer score at 1".  Turn and now with the long side on the top score at 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", and 8".  At the bottom cut the 1" score lines to form flaps.
I used a jar to make sure my flaps glued evenly.

Fold all the score lines and glue flaps to form mug bottom.  I added the little circle or square to cover the bottom completely.  On your handle pieces score 1/2" on both sides and fold.  Glue these to the side of the mug for your handle.  I filled these mugs with Christmas Shredded paper from the Dollar Tree.  Michael's also carries these.  I added a little tea bag and a honey stick and a small chocolate.  Place into a Cello bag and tie it up with a ribbon.

I think many people are going to love this little treat.  Hope you all enjoy making these as much as I have.

Til next time.................

Monday, October 7, 2019

Another Halloween House Mini Album

Well I have got to say these houses are addicting.  I keep wondering how many people are going to receive these from me this year.  They are a bit time consuming though and writing directions aren't really working since it seems like each one I make is a tad off in size.  So instead I'm just going to give directions for base and roof.  This can be made in 2 sizes.  On my last post it was a smaller one where you can use just 1 piece of 12 x 12 for the base.
With Heavy card stock cut a 12x12 sheet in half and score on long side at 3, 6, and  9.
On the first and 3rd section measure down 1.5" and tic mark.  Then on top measure in 1.5 and tic mark then draw your roof points.  Remove the piece between the pointed pieces in section 2 & 4.  See below. 
With remaining card stock or a piece of scrap which is what I used cut roof to measure 4x6.  Score in half on long side.
Now time to decorate. Ribbon was attached before Halloween paper is adhered to first and last section to hide ends of ribbon.
 Cut all your papers about 1/8" smaller than the base.  I distressed all the base edges with Tim Holtz walnut.  I also used various dies to give me doors, fences, benches and paper punches for the bats and the edge of the roof.  My pumpkins I fussy cut from a 12 x 12 sheet of pumpkin paper.  They look so cute.  The angle pockets are hand cut and a corner die was used to decorate it. 
I just slipped a few ephemera's into 1 pocket and a couple fun tickets in the other.  Pictures can be placed on the undersides of the waterfall.
  The waterfall was super simple.  I cut 3 pieces 2.75"x3" scored 1/4" on long side.  folded edges were layered above each other for waterfall.  

Now for the big one.  You need 2 pieces of 12 x 12 if you want to make it simple.  Cut 1 piece of 12 x 12 down to 12 x 8 and then score at 4, & 8.  In sections 1 and 3 measure down and across 2" and drawn points.
From second sheet cut 1 piece 4.5" x 6 and score on short side 1/2".  That will be attached to the previous piece so that when your house lays flat it will measure 16" long.  Out of the second sheet you will also cut the roof or use a different color scrap as I have above.  It should measure 5" x 7.75" and score in half along long side.
Once again measure layers about 1/8" smaller than house. 

Here's the inside of the bigger one.  The corners were decorated with a corner die and one of them I had made a mini mini album to slip inside.

The Mini mini album has a few solid pages to put some wallet size photos in it.  Then here's the outside decorated.
I used all sorts of dies I had buried in my craft room.  The door, and bench are Spellbinder dies.  The pumpkins are all fussy cut from a sheet of scrapbook paper.  The bats are foam stickers from the Dollar Tree.
Here's both houses together.  Just let your imagination go wild and decorate.  There are so many fun papers out there.
To be honest I really like the little one better.  I think it's a cuter size.  A plus is they both fold flat to put into an envelope.

Enjoy and til later