Thursday, April 26, 2018

Impossible card?

All over Pinterest and You tube I have been getting notifications about the Impossible Card.  I first saw this on MAYMAY Made It and she has a few different sizes for this card and a great tutorial.  I played around with it and then decided that I wanted a more solid base for mine so I attached it to a single piece of 5x7 or what ever card size I decided to do.  Lo and behold I then get another notification from someone I'm following and she did the same thing.  So I guess I'm not original.  This is a card made with 1 piece of paper but with a fancy twist.  You need to see her video.HERE  I could not even begin to explain it the way she does. She also has a few videos of different styles of this card!   Like I said I put a flat piece of card stock behind mine.

Have fun playing around with this fold.  Round the edges....Use a die for the pop up part...use a backing..don't use a backing.  Its just so darn cute and you can use up your scraps.  Plus this folds flat to mail!!  YAY!!


Fancy fold Anna Griffin

In my last post I showed you a baby card in which I used an Anna Griffin die and made a fancy fold.  It was actually and Easel card that I turned on its side but I used the frilly die for the base creating a very fancy looking card.
Well today I have that same concept using another intricate die from Anna Griffin and making a Christmas Easel card.

I cut the card stock at 5.5 x 12" and score in half.  I then place the fancy die so that the bottom edge of the die is at the bottom of the open end of the folded card.
I really stink at using photo grids but I'll share this any way.  My order of the pics is more confusing than the actual process.

I numbered so you could follow.  First with the 5.5x 12 folded in half take the desired die and line the bottom as in #1.  The folded edge is on the right.  After it has been cut cut a piece of DSP from the same die. #2   #3 show how you take top part of car and fold it to form the easel part of your card.  #4 & 5 show your DSP placed on the base card and #6 shows yet another design of die that I also used.  I'm sure any intricate large die would work for this.  Anna Griffin dies were my choice since I own alot of them.  Couldn't resist HSN heehee!  Anyway I know Spellbinders also has large intricate die so play with what ever you have or can borrow.  Layer other die cuts on top of DSP to embellish your card such as the Christmas one above.  

Thanks for stopping by and be sure you check out my last post to see the other intricate baby card I had made.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Hello!   It has been awhile again and I have excuses as long as my arms!  LOL  I'll get right to the main reason these particular cards took awhile.  Its not the fault of the fancy folds.  As you all know I LOVE fancy folds and struggle with flat cards.  These were made for a dear friend.  I couldn't post them until they were well on there way in the mail because she checks in here.
  This time the struggle was which one to give her.  She is going to be a Grandma for the first time and that's so special.  I wanted to send her a super special card.  Made 2 and then could not decide.  So what does one do in that instance????  Mail both!
First one I wanted to do a easel card but after the layers were on I really liked it standing sideways instead.  I used one of my Anna Griffin dies that are oh so pretty.  Generally these dies are used as a top layer.  I used it as the entire card.  Making this Fancy yet simple.  

My lighting is a bit off.  I used a really pretty light pink shimmer paper for this card and it looks so nice in real life.  I will be making alot of these types of cards.  Just think how pretty the dies would look in Graphic 45 papers!  I believe I have at least 10 of these dies all different lacy looks!  I can't wait to make more.  I bet my next one will be Christmas!  

Next I did a Gate fold Shutter card.  Super cute too.

This one is also done in the shimmer paper.   Can you see why I had a hard time deciding?  I'm hoping she will be "Swooning" over these!  I always feel it's so hard to impress a fellow cardmaker!  lol

Til next time................................

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Is it Spring Yet?

Well it's April and we are having April Showers but they are in the wrong form.  Not rain but snow.  So much snow up North that I may be opening my summer home in August at this rate.  Over the past few days my poor cabin is sitting in 2.5 feet of snow!!!  Crazy!  My main home is in the path of a cold front and we have only had highs in the 30's.  So to get me in a better mood I decided that when spring really decides to stay here that I would have some new pretties to put out on the front porch.  I really liked the look of some of the porch signs that I have seen over Pinterest so I decided to make a couple.
My husband noticed our local home center had bundles of wood pre colored.  These are actually used for decorating walls kind of like paneling.  Anyway we bought 2 bundles 1 with 5  1x6 boards and 1 pack with 6  1x4 boards.  Not a cheap investment as each package was $20 but I figured I could make a few of these signs so it would be worth it to me.  I had checked local craft stores and for a blank similar board they were running around $39 for 1 and although you could use a coupon you would only get 1 project for around the same price.  The letters I did get at the local craft store and lucked out because they were already painted.  The O in home is a grapevine wreath that I decorated with some silk flowers.  Scrap wood from the shed was used for the back braces and the decorative top and bottom trim.  The smaller sign has words that I got at the craft store for just 99 cents and I painted them black.  These are so cute and I can't wait until I can put them out on the porch.

Well that's it for now.  I'm going to go look for Spring!

Til next time..............................