Friday, May 31, 2019

Stickers on Cards?

 Stickers on cards? Sure why not?  Not everyone has access to electronic machines like Cricut or manual die machines like Big Shots but you can still make some really beautiful, or cutesy cards and tags with simply card stock, designer paper and stickers.  
 I had read a post recently on Splitcoast Stamper where someone asked if she should throw out all her stickers since she no longer scrapbooks and has changed over to card making.  She stated she had already gotten rid of all her scrapbook supplies and tools.  What???? She got rid of tools????  Oh my!  I wish she had asked her question before she got rid of things.  Nearly all tools for scrapbooking can be used for card making.  I am a card maker, tag maker, mini album creator and all around paper crafter and I swear I have more tools than some of my "Scrapbook Only" friends.  I have a large craft room and sometimes I think I need a craft house.  lol

 Ok back to sticker situation.  I for one answered her question with a big NO!!!!  They can be used.  I have often used stickers that I vamp up.  Some of the Dollar tree stickers are awesome to use for a quick card or tag and you don't have to vamp those up at all.  They are already 3d, layered, glittered.  Perfect!  So after giving her my opinion I decided to challenge myself to come up with a set of cards or tags that have no diecuts, and no stamping.  Just super basic supplies.  Stickers, cardstock and designer paper.  So here we go.

  All cards are 4.25" x 5.5 when closed.  I decided to mix up the styles.  A basic card, a gate fold card and 2 other fancy fold cards.  
  The tags are all 2.75" x 4".  They are changed up only by the way I cut the tops of the tags.

I grabbed as few supplies as possible to keep things very simple.  Below is what I started with.

The Christmas stickers on the far left are just plain flat stickers.  The other 2 are 3D type stickers both bought from Dollar Tree.  I punched some circles from solid card stock in a 1.5" size and 1.25".  I also had some foam squares.

Here are 3 different tags using minimal supplies and stickers.
I found some little buttons and twine in the kids playroom so added those to the tags.  The blue tag on the right was too boring for me so I looked around and found a tiny roll of black and gold washi tape. 
Now lets move on to the cards.
These are definitely easy cards and altho I had just gone into my stash for the stickers, I know that if you plan better these can make real cute Christmas cards.  The folds make them more impressive.  If they were just basic cards they could be quite boring.  I for one would rather do more complex cards but when in a pinch I do some simpler ones too.
So re-think some of those stickers before you get rid of them.  I do think the best use for them is on tags but "In a Pinch" cards could work too.

Til next time

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Out of my comfort zone

Hi everyone!  Today I'm going to talk about comfort zones.  Art...Craft...mix media? I love making cards and as you all know I love fancy folds.  I also love Graphic 45 papers or romantic type papers like Prima or vintage like Authentique.  When I go to a different paper line such as Color Play or Stampin up I feel all anxiety building up because I'm not sure I can produce a great card.  Yes I am very hard on my self.  So when a friend gave me one of those Art Journals for my birthday I froze!  Yikes what am I going to do with this?  I stink at art.  So it's been in a drawer for months.  Then while on the Internet I noticed that alot of art journals just had creations in them.  What ever you make or try to make you put it on a page in the journal.  Hmmmm...I can do that.  I think lol.  So I decided to make my very first page in that journal.  I have been wanting to try these collage envelopes but never bothered #1 because I don't really do collages and #2 what would I do with it when I was done.  Well now I know....I can try new ideas and techniques and have them in my journal.  So lets give it a try...lets get out of our comfort zones and try something new.

This Collage envelope is made from...well real envelopes.  I was lucky to receive a box of legal sized envelopes from a friend that her company was discarding.  Thought they had the companies return address on them I had figured if I used them to mail a 4 x 11 card that I would just put my own address label over theirs.  SO why not recycle these envelopes into the envelope collage.

First you need 2 legal sized envelopes.  On 1 of them seal it shut and cut it down to be 8" long.  That will give you a top pocket.  The other one you would cut 3 1/2" from both sides.  Using the flaps to attach them to the larger envelope.
My mini ink pad is holding up the top flap lol.  Then add some designer paper to all sides of the entire envelope and flaps.  The biggest envelope in back will measure approximately 4.25 x 8 and you will need 2 pieces.  one for front and one for back.  I know... I know..why cover back if it'll be put into a journal?  I'm covering all bases here.  What if you want it as a card or tag or ?????  You never know so I covered the back too.  The flaps will need (2) a piece 3.50 x 8.5 .  That will be folded in half and glued to outside and inside of flaps.
I sued papers from Prima on the flaps because it already had a collage effect to it and then the larger piece was covered with some paper that I got out of a Downton Abbey paper pad.  I had found it at Tuesday morning..  What a great find.  I used a 1.25 scallop punch at the tops of all the envelope pockets.  Anyway here it is closed up.
OK truth be told I started to embellish and then realized I forgot to take a picture.  So the bottom portion I had already added the flower and leaves and the added cutout card with a popped up sentiment piece.  Now I guess we finish up the embellishments and put it in the journal.

Here's the finished piece.
As you can see there are a total of 3 pockets.  The flap on left has one, the middle has one on top and the one on the right has one.

Here's a picture of the cards pulled out.

Now I'm starting to think the Junk Journal isn't going to work too well.  I guess I could put it on a page in there but to me it now looks more like a fancy fold card than a piece for a Junk journal.  Uggg...I'm so confused.  I think I need to work on "More Junky"  Is that a thing??

Well maybe someday I will have something to put in my junk journal but I don't think today is the day.

Til next time.....................................

Thursday, May 23, 2019


How I wish Blogger had a Harry Potter Font.  Wouldn't that be cool to see a post in that font?  Well maybe.  LOL
My granddaughter is obsessed with Harry Potter as is my Daughter in law. My granddaughter has read 3 of the books so far and as she finishes a book she is then able to see the movie pertaining to the book she just read.  Great incentive idea that my daughter in law came up with.  I for one have never read 1 single Harry Potter book nor have I seen a single Harry Potter movie.  So what possessed me to try and make a Harry Potter interactive album for my Granddaughter?  Hysterical how many times I had to call my daughter in law and ask "What the heck does this mean?"  But I got though it and yesterday she finally got it for her birthday and absolutely loved it!  So here it is.
The book is 6x9.  I was able to find a die and paper pad that went with the dies from Create and Craft.  How lucky was that?  So I was able to die cut out Harry and the Owl (yep forgot the name of the owl already!  lol) and under them I used the die to cut out a few more pieces from plain cardstock to give them more dimension.  I looked everywhere for the Words Harry Potter and never found any.  Then............I had bought one of those Tie Blanket Kits (Harry Potter of course) and right there on the packaging were the words so I fussy cut it out.  TaDa!!  Lucky me.  LOL  Basic Gray was the paper I used for the front to which I used glitter Mod Podge on top for some glitz.
On the inside cover I added a pocket and slipped in bookmarks along with a little recipe card for Butterbeer Cheesecake.  Did not realize there were so many Butterbeer recipes on line.  I confess I do not even know why or how Butterbeer is related in the books.  On the spine I added a page which has a pocket containing a diploma, a card on wand motions and a wand permit. at the top of that page is a top pocket that has the ribbons hanging out of it and it contains the Hogwarts map and of course the recipe for Butterbeer.  Which I guess is more like cream soda with caramel and butter extract in it and then topped with whipped cream and more caramel.  Sounds weird to me but Tori loves it and that's what counts right?
On the flip side of the previous page on the spine is another type of pocket that contains another bookmark and the Platform 9 3/4 boarding pass.  The spine on the right has no pull outs except on top from the ribbon which has another recipe card.  On the far right I made a pocket that I decided to try and make it look like a shelf.  I kind of failed at that but the pocket is still cute and to go with the card "A book is a dream you hold in your hands"  I made 2 little books the burlap one is actually a book of spells that I printed out from on line freebies and the tiny book next to it I made into just a little note book.  Saw a tutorial on line and it was so easy to  make.  I smudged up alot of the papers with a distress pad from Tim Holtz in walnut.
When you flip open the page from last picture that has the 9 3/4 on it you see this.  The center is a tag accordion to which I just adhered papers and cut aparts that I matted.  A few of the tags have pockets with matted cut aparts inside.  On the Right is another pocket that I filled with Hogwarts School application, Hogwarts Report Card, tickets, and a news paper article about Dumbledorf (no clue who he is heeheehee. But Tori does.).
And this is the back.  The "Always" apparently has some sort of meaning at the end of the book series and my Daughter in law said it should be placed on the back of the book I was making.  So I just did as I was told.  OMG  I am so laughing at myself.  How did I ever get this done???  Surely not without alot of input about meanings from my daughter in law.  I guess Harry still doesn't interest me because after spending months designing and assembling I do not remember a thing she told me!

The paper pack I used was Color Play Wizard World which I got from a friend.  All the cutouts and matting was used from this collection. The main book cover and inside spine pages were done with Basic Gray collection.

I know this was long but I wanted to try and show you everything.  Hope you enjoyed it.

Til next time


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Christmas Tags from 1 Pad of 6x6

I had enjoyed so much my little challenge of how many cards from a paper pack seen HERE that I decided to try it with tags.  As you know if you saw that post, I had also made tags along with the cards since I had alot of tiny pieces I just couldn't throw out.  Of course a regular 12 x 12 pack is a huge pack to make tags with so I opted for a 6x6 pad instead.  I figured it was more do-able.  lol

The pad I choose is by Carta Bella called "Snow Fun".  This pad has 24 double sided sheets.  I absolutely love working with double sided sheets.
Trying to squeeze in a craft period lately is a real challenge.  So pictures will be in smaller sets as it took me awhile to get this done.  Normally I would say this would only take about a weekend to complete but I did small amounts over a 6 day time frame. has been busy!

Here's the first set of 4.
There were 2 sheets of each design and 2 of the sheets was a page scene.  Always a hard one for me to figure out because I don't want to cut it up but I think the 2 tags (on the right) I made with 1 of those sheets turned out pretty cute.  The other sheet I used had the stripes on one side and the skiers on the other.  These tags measure 3"x6".

On to the next set.  One thing that disappointed me with this pad was that there wasn't a cut apart sheet.  So I have been scurrying around the house looking for embellies that sort of match.  I did find a cut apart sheet from a different vendor but the info strip was already cut off so I cannot tell you what this sheet was from.  Thank goodness for snowflake punches and Christmas dies.  This entire set are also 3x6's that I just changed up the tops so everything didn't have the same exact shape.  I did these 10 in an afternoon over the weekend.  You can sure accomplish alot with no grandkids around.  lol

I haven't even finished half of the pack yet.  So before getting into the remaining 12 sheets I thought I'd make a few smaller ones to use up the scraps from the first 12 sheets.  So here's a mix of different size tags.

Looks like this post could go on and on and on and on.  So instead I will post a part 2 later on so you don't all get bored always looking at tags.  So far 19 and there are still scraps from the first 12 6x6 sheets.

So watch for Part 2


Monday, May 13, 2019

Fancy Double Fold Card

Time for another Fancy fold.  I sure do love doing these.  I can get carried away and make way more than I need.  This one is a double fold.  Look how pretty.
The one on the right was my sample card to get measurements right.  I think it still turned out ok so I will be using it as a graduation card.

First we start off with a piece of 10"x5.5" card stock.  I had found this awesome, super thick cardstock at Joanns.  Its had a pattern on one side and solid color on the other.  So there was a solid pink with reverse side being pink plaid and there was a solid green one with a green marble effect on the other.  I really should have bought more and looked to see if they had other colors available.  This stuff is super thick and makes a great sturdy card base.  So often I have seen people using super flimsy paper for there card bases but I always love the thick stuff.  Maybe because I'm hoping whoever gets my card will keep it forever. heehee

Anyway with the 10 x 5.5 and on the 10" side you would score at 4.25 and 8.5.  A small separate note size card is also made from a 6x4 1/8" piece of card stock.  I used the pink for both bases.  Here is a list of the piece sizes you will need to complete the card.

5 1/2"x 10" (Card Base)

Designer paper: 
4"x 5 1/4" (Front Cover, Floral Side)
1 1/4" x 5 1/4" Small Flap Focal (Use Striped Side)
2 7/8” x 4” (Notecard)

Ivory Cardstock/shimmer paper
(2) at 3 3/4" x 5" (Inside Mats)
4 1/8" x 5 3/8" (Front Cover Mat)
1 3/8"x 5 3/8" (Small Flap Mat)
6” x 4 1/8” (Notecard base) 

1 cut apart card 3x5 for front of notecard

Ribbon 2 pieces cut at:

12”   &  10”   

On the main base you would adhere the Matt and DSP on the front, corner punch the inside mats and adhere, and on the little flap on far right you would mat and DSP the side that will show when you close up the card.  You small note card will open opposite of a normal card so the open side will be on the left. Put all your DSP's on the note card except for front to which you will first attach a 10" piece of ribbon on the left side of the front.  Then attach your DSP over the ribbon.  The 12" piece of ribbon will go on top of the DSP of the small 1.5" flap with ribbon laying to the right so that it will eventually wrap around back.  Center Notecard on the 1.5" flap and tie ribbon to close.  Oh I hope this makes sense.  This this too cute to not make and really very very easy.  Here's the sample card as you start to open it.
And fully opened:

Well that's it for now.
Til next time


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Fancy Fold Circle

I truly love fancy fold cards.  Some have alot of folds, cuts, and shaping.  Some are easy with a die like the shutter cards.  But what if you don't have alot of tools?  What if you want something special and have it look really really complicated but it's not?  Well I have the card for you  Technically you don't need anything more than a pair of scissors and a plate.  Yep just a dinner plate and I think we all have that.  This card when finished will measure 6x5, have 2 pockets and 2 pull out cards.  
Are you interested?  I thought so.

First you will need 1 sheet of double sided designer 12x12 card stock.  Place a 10 inch dinner plate in the middle and either trace around it lightly with a pencil or cut around it with an X-acto knife.  If you penciled it then remove plate and cut your circle. 
Next place a small mark in the center of this circle and bring the 2 sides in to meet in the middle.
Now from the top measure down 6" and fold.  

Then unfold everything and on the short section cut a line to make side flaps for the bottom half.

Once you refold the bottom up the flaps will be placed on the front side instead of the inside. I marked where glue should go on the left and middle sample.

Glue as shown and you have the base of your 2 pocket card.

Next cut 2 pieces white card stock in the following measurements.  I'm using all scraps for the sample so bear with me.  The end result will be beautiful.

(1)  4.25 x 5   Round top with plate to mirror base

(1)  4.25 x 3   Round top to mirror base
Now the bottom sample shows how pretty the base is when you use double sided designer card stock.  So pretty looking.  Now for finishing touches.

Add sentiments...embellishments....etc.  I stickled alot of mine too.
As you can see just using basic tools (scissors and a pencil lol) The card is pretty cool looking.

But of course I always go 1 step further.  I used a lacy die by Die'Sire for the tops of my pull out cards. You could also just use corner rounders or border punches if you have them but they sure aren't necessary.  Have fun...make a few.  They are so quick and easy.  Play around with size too.  All sizes are the same concept.  Round circle, sides brought into middle, fold (about 1/3) of the bottom up.  Measure inside of pockets for card inserts.  

Hope you enjoyed this super easy card!

Til next time.....................

Friday, May 10, 2019

Tag Motivation

Trying to get into the motivation to make a Tag challenge for myself.  The paper pad I committed to use has not been inspiring for me.  I am a Big fan of Graphic 45 and find working with that line motivating.  It's my comfort zone so to say.  So when I decided to use a pad I got from Tuesday morning called Snow Fun by Carta Bella I though it would be a breeze.  But it's not.  I stare and stare at the papers and I'm blank.  So I decided to get motivated I'd jump into my G45 for a couple quick cards and tags and then hop right over to the Carta Bella pad.  Lets see if this works.  LOL

These beauties are from the Christmas Magic line released last year.  So adorable.  And Kewpie Babies!!  Loving the blue/green tones they are using in this line.  I cannot wait to do alot more from this but to just get my creative juices flowing I only made 2 tags and 2 cards from this line.  So here we go.....................

Oh my gosh I love these.
Now did making these get my juices flowing to dig into the Carta Bella pad?  Ummmmm..nope!  I now want to do more of these.  lol  
But I will devote the weekend to the other paper pad...Swear!  LOL


Quick Quick Teacher tags

Ahhhhh....Schools almost out!  Which means I will not have the grandkids over the summer since their moms a school teacher.  It was Teacher Appreciation week here and I wanted to post this a while ago but in all honesty "I Forgot"!  Ugggh.

The grandkids made daily Teacher Gifts with their mom over the weekend but did not have time to do the tags.  Since I was working on tags anyway, I pitched in and made these little quickies.

All were made from the scrap bin.  I made 2 different sizes because of the scrap size. so I have 2" x 4.25" and 2" x 3.75".

Just thought I'd share what can be done at the last minute and with scraps.  

Stay tune for some Christmas Tags coming up using an entire 6x6 paper pad.

Til next time...........