Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cardinals in a Pine Tree

Good Morning!  Ready for another Christmas card?  This one was one I also had to try to be creative with since I made it at the cabin too.  I usually don't bring my big shot up with me and although I have a Texture Boutique that I don't use at home, I have not yet decided to take it to the cabin to keep there but it sure would come in hand when I want some texture to my cards.  This time I took a piece of Kraft card stock, wrinkled it up, and

then ironed it flat again.  I wasn't totally thrilled with the look so then I decided to rub a versa pad over the top and sprinkle clear embossing powder over it.
The left side had the powder all over it and the right was when I started to heat set it.  I pretty much liked that result.

Although the paper above looks all wavy, it's really pretty flat.  The camera doesn't do it any real justice because in real view it looks more leathery.   So now to design the card.  I used a Northwoods stamp of a pine tree with cardinals in it.  If you are familiar with Northwoods Stamps, alot of their winter stamps have cardinals in them and I really love how the red really pops!

Of course after all that work of embossing the kraft paper.....nearly none showed up in the card.  Guess I could have just inked the edges of the kraft paper.  I used old olive for a mat and found a piece of blue card stock ( not sure where I got it from) as the base of the card.  I had a small piece of green ribbon that just so happened to match the old olive paper.  The inside of the card is still blank.  There are little dots of Diamond Stickles around and on the tree.  I think in the future doing this wrinkle and emboss will only be used for tiny accents though.  Right now with the way I used it, this has turned out to be quite a heavy card.  I'm sure that if the kraft paper was just textured with an embossing folder the card would be much lighter.  I think the powder added too much weight.  But you make do with what you have.  Maybe this won't be a mailed card but a hand delivered one instead.  Well that's it for today.  Check back tomorrow for another super simple Christmas card!  Til then............................


Monday, September 29, 2014

Have your "Elf" a Merry Christmas!

  I'm back!!  What a totally relaxing 10 days.  I can't wait until we go back in a few weeks.  We need to close of the cabin for the season so we will be going back  mid-October.  Did I ever mention where our cabin is?  Well it's right smack in the middle of Door County Wisc and we are right on the lake!  Beautiful sunrises and sunsets along with awesome breezes.  Though sometimes I swear they are hurricane speeds!  LOL!
I of course went to my favorite stamp store "Door County Rubber Stamp and Scrapbooking" (check out their Facebook page).  I picked up a few of the new Northwoods stamps and this cutie was one of my favorites.

We have the Elf on the Shelf so when I saw the cloths line of elf cloths I just had to have it!  The "Welcome Winter" and "Christmas is on the way" are just misc. stamps I had laying around.  Not having all my tools readily available seems to keep giving me challenges to create cards with next to nothing.  Both cards have 1 layer and that's the sentiment.  I used Recollections 110 lb white card stock.  First I stamped the image, then using my scoreboard I scored a top and bottom border of 2 lines 1/8" apart and then went over those lines with a glitter gel pen in red.  The cloths were colored with the glitter gel pens as well for instant sparkle.  I then proceeded to score lines on both cards making each different by switching the direction.  Can the left have lines 1/2" apart while diagonal is 1/4" apart.  I thought they made really cute simple cards and I'm definitely going to bring these for our group to make.

Well I made a few more cards while I was up there and I'll be posting those later after they are unpacked and I get some pictures.  All were done with my limited supplies so as you can see you don't need alot to start card making but I guarantee once you start.......your supply stash WILL GROW!!!  I really need to work on a system of carting more tools up with me on my extended stays at the cabin.  Or..............maybe I just need more tools that I can leave up there????  Hmmmmmmm.....wonder what Hubby would think!  LOL
Until next time.......


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BOO !!!!!

Busy weekend ahead!  It's my grandsons 3rd birthday party.  My daughter -in-law and son always have the birthday parties here since we have quite a bit of room so this weekend has been chosen.  But before I get too involved in the cleaning up for the guest I thought I'd slip in 1 more Halloween card.  This time a tri-shutter card.

The Bats were separated from the bat border punch from ek success.  The bats over the moon stamp was one of those in the dollar bins at Michael's.  Did you know the dollar bins are now $1.50?  Crazy!!!  Anyway it was stamped with black ink and clear embossed on white card stock.  It was then cut into a 2.5" circle with a circle cutter.  Moon was colored with a yellow glitter gel pen to add just a touch of sparkle.  Though you can't tell from photo but the bats are also glittered.  Papers were from a Halloween paper pack called Ghouls and Goodies by Doodlebug Designs.  They had some cute papers in there.   

Well I still have a couple of ideas up my sleeve for some more Halloween cards so stay tuned and I'll share a few more.  Until then.....................


OMG.....Christmas in 100???

That's right everyone Christmas is only 100 days away!  Can you believe it?  We haven't even hit fall and Christmas is on everyones mind.  Is it on yours?  So I'm scrambling around trying to come up with a simple Christmas card just for today's celebration of the 100 day mark!  I am once again taking off for my summer place to enjoy the crisp fall air and relax my mind for a bit.  Wouldn't you know it I can't find a single thing and I haven't the time to make one.  Not even a simple one.. Sorry :( But I did want to wish everyone a Happy Happy 100 Days Away!  I promise in 12 days I should be able to come up with something.  So until then get your stuff together and Christmas stuff will be flowing soon!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Paper Weights..Makes my head hurt!

65 pound.....................80 pound......................110 pound...................Walmart.......Stampin Up.....
Hobby Lobby.............Joann's.............Michael's................Gina K.............Owwwwww!!!!!

When it comes to paper I think we all get "HHEADACHES" and then when you realize that the poundage is not always the same its a whole nother ball game!  Here are some typical paper sources and their weights which we shall review One by One.

Georgia Pacific (Wal-mart) white is 110 lb.

Paper Studio (Hobby Lobby) is not listed

StampinUp is 80 lb.

Recollections (Michael's) is 65 lb. (50 sheet pack)
Recollections (Michael's)  is 110 lb.  (Large 100 sheet package for $12.99)

Joann's is 65 lb.

Gina K is 100lb

Ok.....lets start with  Georgia Pacific from Walmart.  While the price is a deal with 100 sheets for approx $6.99, the weight of this paper is deceiving.  The packaging states 110 lb weight but honestly is seems pretty flimsy to me.  I have only seen this paper in white and cream so you do have a limited range.  I'm sue this is just fine for die cuts but to hold up for a base of a card it acts more like its 65 lb competitors.  I have not tried coloring in a stamped image on this brand so I cannot remark on that but if you were only stamping a colored ink image with no detail coloring I'm sure it would be fine.  This is probably an ok paper for digital cards.  It can be run through the printer...printed out..fold..& send.

Paper Studios from Hobby Lobby...This paper doesn't actually state the weight on it's package so it's a guess.  Many people have  stated that it's 65 lb also.  But as you continue reading you'll find not all 65 lb paper feels the same, making it difficult to determine which brand is the "REAL TRUE BLUE" 65 lb paper!  That being said.....I have found that it does not feel quite as sturdy as the Michael's 65 lb paper but it is thicker than the Joannes Core-dination 65 lb paper.  This paper comes in limited solid color packs and only a few of the multi color packs.  Michael's has a bigger selection.  This paper is also available in limited 12 x 12 packs too.  The plus of having some 12 x 12's available does not outweigh the fact that the paper is still kind of flimsy.  I would use this in a pinch (Like if my local Michael's suddenly ran out of ALL their papers) but even then it would be for layering and not for a card base.

Stampin Up...........At 24 sheets for about $6.99 its by far not the most economical but the most versatile.  At 80 lbs it makes great bases and the plus is you don't have to stick to white or cream for your card bases.  You have an entire rainbow of colors to use.This paper can give you very clear crisp stamped images and holds up well to markers (Stampin Ups, Tombow, Tim Holtz) as well as Gel pen coloring and Copics.  If you watercolor you do need to be sure you don't over saturate the paper because it will start to pill. (For your information even certain watercolor papers will pill if totally soaked)  With all the colors this can be used for bases, mats, die cuts and punches.   Be aware though that some people (me included) have had some problems using the Martha Stewart punches with this paper.  Her punches prefer thinner card stock. 
This card stock is also available in 12 x 12 sheets. The 12x12 and the 8.5x11 paper packs can be bought in all the solid colors as well as assortment packs.  All papers need to be purchased through Stampin up.  It is not available in local craft stores.

Recollections from Michael's....First and foremost let it be known that Michael's carries 2 different Recollection lines.  The first being 65 lb paper packs with 50 sheets for $3.99.  These packs are all multi color packs.  There is a wide assortment in the colors but you cannot buy a pack of just lime green.  It would have to be a pack of assorted greens.  A bit of a pain if you needed 30 sheets of bright red and you have to buy 3 entire multi packs to get your 30 reds.  Solid packs are available in Black white and cream too.  This paper can be used for card bases but it is alittle flimsy, your cards will still look great but the feel just seems off.  Personally I use it any way for alot of my 3x3 cards or tags.  I have also used it and still occasionally do, for my card bases.  But truth be told I'm preferring Stampin Up for my bases.  Difficult to use with the electronic die cut machines since often the paper won't release from the sticky mat.  Michael's Recollection also has some printed card stock packs for the same price and they are also 65 lbs.  I will have to say that alot of times I love what I see and since the weight is fine for layering I buy these often.  Especially the seasonal ones!  Some of the Christmas packs are awesome!  These are single sided but for layering who cares!
The second Recollection line is their 110 lb 100 sheet paper packs.  These packs are $12.99 and until recently only came in white or cream.  It is now available in Black! YAY!  If I want a white , cream, or black I tend to use this card stock.  You really need some pressure when scoring.  Huge difference between the 110 Georgia Pacific and the 110 Recollections!  I am a huge fan of the Recollections 110 lb.  Wish it came in more colors.  This too has a real hard time though with Martha Stewart punches which saddens me because I love some of the border punches and had quite a few ideas for some card bases with borders.  Paper Studio punches from Hobby Lobby had a hard time too.  Some Ek success punches had to be used with 2 hands but when used with your Cricut, Brother scan & cut, Cameo, Slice or dies it worked just fine.
If you are a light handed marker user you can color on the 110 lb or use gel pens.  Excessive water can make it pill.  The 65lb paper does not color well with markers or watercoloring.  Paper seems to pill quickly. 

Core-dinations from Joann's....Though I was somewhat excited when I saw this paper I was quickly disappointed.  First of all the paper has that textured look to it like Bazzil but a must thinner quality.  Though it claims to be 65 lbs it is a much thinner feeling than the Michael's brand.  The packs are 40 sheets for $3.99 and mostly come in assorted color packs Like Michael's brand.  They do have some basic solids like cream,
black, white, and a few others but not many.  This paper makes terrible bases in my opinion.  For example a simple tent card will not stand up but rather fall flat.  It has no problem however with any punches that I have tried.  Do not use this paper on your sticky mats for any electronic cutters.  The paper sticks so tightly that you have to pry it all off resulting in terrible die cuts.   You cannot color on this paper.  Texture makes it awkward and if you did use markers or watercolor it would definately pill.

Gina K..............At 100 lbs this is a beautiful card stock pretty much like Stampin Up.  You get 25 sheets for $6.95 and can only be ordered on line.  This too comes in solid paper packs in an entire rainbow of colors.  It hold up really well for card bases and gives you quality card results just like Stampin up.  This paper seems to do well coloring with most mediums.  This card stock is not available in 12 x 12 sheets.

So what do I like?  If I want black, white or cream base cards I'll go for the Michael's Recollections 110 lb.  Mainly because its the best bang for your buck.  The heaviest, sturdiest and economical.   Michael's Recollections 65 lb Printed card stock packs gets my vote for really nice seasonal pattern packs as well as some of the everyday pattern packs.   For other color bases and mats I'm definitely leaning more and more to Stampin Ups.  I love that you can get an entire pack of a solid color and I like that I can get 12 x 12 sheets to use in my Cricut and Brother Cut & Scan.    
I probably would never bother using the Georgia Pacific because it does not meet all my needs.  As for the 65 lb Recollections and Joann's brand......I do keep those on hand mainly for my granddaughter to use in her crafting and if by chance I need just a small mat of a certain color I will definitely use it as a layer or for punching with a Martha Stewart Punch.  The Hobby Lobby Paper Studio is also a no.  Though I do have some on hand for my granddaughter, it's limited color packs make it not worth my while.

Well there you have it!  My opinion.  Understand we all have different quality expectations.  Mine happen to be pretty high for the most part.  I do sway every now and then if a certain pack catches my eye.  I wish you all luck in trying to find what works best for you.  I hope my reviews can help you in your decision making.  Many of us prefer going to the stores instead of online or through Demonstrators.  I was exactly the same way and ALWAYS bought my papers at Archivers until they had the nerve to close ALL retail stores!  The nerve of them!  LOL  SO my recommendation if you want to store shop ................ MICHAEL'S for the RECOLLECTION line.

I'm getting WORDY!  So.................Later and......................


Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hi everyone!  Things have settled down here a bit so it's time for another 2 Halloween cards!  This time we are talking simple, simple, simple!  Sometimes there is a need to whip something up with very limited supplies.  Not all of us have alot at our disposal (I'm a hoarder! LOL).  So I was thinking simple but "cute".

So the first one is pretty easy and if you don't have a hexagon punch you could use circles or squares.  I used the hexagons mainly because I got this new embossing folder and want to see how may different cards I can use this design with.
I used the chicken wire embossing folder on the purple matt and then put a little Halloween ribbon about 1/3 of the way down.  Then evenly spaced 3 hexagons over the ribbon and pop dotted another smaller hexagon over those.  I just used Halloween stickers in the center of each hexagon.  Happy Halloween is an Ink-adink-ado stamp.

The second one is just as easy.  And no punches needed!!!  The 3 black ghosts were made by using a scallop corner rounder on a strip of 3/4 x 2 3/4 inch strip of black card stock.  

This can also be done with just a corner rounder too with just having round edges instead of scalloped.  Eyebrows were drawn on with silver gel pen and pearls were used for the eyes.  I stamped Boo and then stamped Spooky twice.  Any Halloween word stamps can be used these just happen to be what I have.  Glued down some ribbon and tied a bow!  This might look cute with googly eyes too!  Orrrrr....maybe googly eyes in the O's of spooky!  Hmmmmmm....Maybe I need to make another!
Hope you enjoyed the Simple Simple but Cute cards!



Monday, September 8, 2014


So as promised I have 2 more Halloween cards for you.  I wanted to get this done early because I have an extremely busy week this week.  Lucky for me one of the ladies of our stamp group also brought in a Halloween card for us to make so all I really needed to do was get one more done over the weekend!  I know I'm cheating!  LOL
  So decided this week there would be Two Flip it cards.  The one from our group on Friday was a flip it card and so I decided to give a different die a try over the weekend that was also a Flip it but also 3-D..
Here's the first one from Friday night.  I believe it was cut from a Sizzix flip it bigz die. 

The original one was stamped with a border stamp of pumpkins but with 4 of us trying to stamp our backgrounds, I sort of went off on my own and used a ghost stamp I had just bought the week before by Northwoods.  I also made a booboo on the flip part with a stamp so I had to create the little black border by just using the side of my marker to hide the mistake.   June had all the other pieces cut out like the circles, owl pieces and hat.  I liked the idea of googly eyes instead of the punched eyes and it just happened that I had these really cool ones with green backgrounds.  With everything else being just orange and black, that green really "POP'S"!

Next is also a Sizzix die called Flip 3-D accordion card.  Unaware of how these work I did not have the companion die for the label and frame.  So...............I cut the card out 4 times (to make a card you need 2)  2 were cut out of black card stock and 2 out of patterned paper.  With the pattern paper ones I cut off the tabs and cut out the center labels.  I connected the 2 black ones and adhered the pattern paper on top.  Continued decoration with some Punch's, stamped a bit and TA DA!

Not too shabby!  I know a little 5 year old that's going to love it!
Well the wheels are turning....I have a few ideas for my next post but your going to have to wait till next week I think.  Unless I have a slow period I doubt that I'll be on my blog.  So until then..........................................


Thursday, September 4, 2014


September!!!  OMG!!  I don't think we really had a summer.  Cooler temps and alot of rain and all of a sudden it's September and Halloween is right around the corner.  Are you getting ready?  I'm trying!  Since I'm in need of at least 8 Halloween cards I decided to start now.  If I do 2 cards a week I'll be finished way before Halloween!  Ok well maybe at least 2 weeks before Halloween.
While up at my cabin over labor day weekend I stopped at my local stamp store and picked up 2 of the new 2014 Northwoods Halloween stamps.  1 being a spider web and 1 just a little wee ghost.  I C.A.S.E.D the card fronts from the display board changing them just a little bit.

little ghost stamped a few times

On the ghost card I cut a 4x4 piece of whisper white card stock and drew a 1/8" border.  I then stamped the ghost randomly and colored 3 of them with glitter gel pens.  The green border was done with a Tombow marker.  Spooky stamp was an old unmarked stamp I had in my stash.  The card base was a typical 4.25 x 11 scored at 5.5 with a layer of 4  1/8  x  5 3/8 of orange cardstock.  Bats are from an EK border punch.

On the spider web card I colored the web with glitter gel pens (love this!!! Tried tombow markers but preferred the look of the gel pens) It was stamped on a 3  7/8 x 4 whisper white card stock and matted onto a 4 x 4 1/8 piece of black glitter stock.  This was then layered onto a 4 1/8 x 5 3/8 piece of purple card stock.  A separate ghost was cut out and dimensionaled as well as a bat from the border punch.  A small spider web was punched from another EK punch.  Both the bat and small web were embossed with clear emboss powder to give them shine.  The Boo stamp was also and old unmarked stamp in my stash.

I think both of them turned out adorable and I'm making the kits for our stamping gathering tomorrow.  I think the ladies are going to like these but probably not as much as the little 2 year olds I'll be giving them to!  

Time to get the wheels week is coming and I want to bring you 2 more Halloween ideas!!