Tuesday, October 6, 2020


 Happy Fall!!  My favorite time of year and I just love doing Fall crafts.  Unfortunately Corona is still here and we are all still social distancing so it's time for a craft box for the grandkids and grandnieces/nephews.  A while ago I had put together boxs for the kids with various art supplies. They had a ton of fun and it took there minds off of being stuck at home.  Now months later these same kids are still stuck at home and now even have to homeschool due to the virus not being under control.  So many fall plans have been cancelled so to ease the boredom I decided it was time for another box.  This time all fall related.

I made little packets for each child with each craft in a separate bag.  I also typed out instructions with pictures so their parents know how to put them together.  First up..............A scarecrow, Tree of Thanks, and a Brillo pumpkin.

Brillo pumpkin super easy.  You get a pack of the copper pads that come in a 4 pack from the Dollar Tree.  Grab a stick from outside and glue into the middle where there is a hole.  Glue on googlie eyes and a scrap piece of orange cardstock for the nose and black for a mouth.  I used a silk leaf glued to the stick and a black glitter ribbon to decorate.

Scarecrow was just popsicle sticks glued together.  Paint them with whatever paint you have, add googlie eyes, a rhinestone nose and draw on the mouth.  The patchs are just cardstock.

Tree of Thanks.....Trace the childs hand on brown cardstock and cut out.  Cut a lighter piece for the trunk and glue together.  Paper punch various color leaves and on some of them write what you are thankful for.  Glue all the leaves on the hand and add the little Tree of Thanks Plaque.

I then asked hubby to cut me out a few ghost for the kids to paint and he came up with an adorable Ghost.

He mounted the ghost to a dowel rod and made a little wooden stand for the dowel to set in.  It was then up to me to decorate it and add the makings and instruction into the box for the kids. I glued on some colored moss from Hobby Lobby, added a couple pumpkins and pinecones and tied a bow on the stick.  I think it is so cute and placed my sample right on the mantle.  Can't wait for the kids to get their boxes.  I think delivery will be this week.

Well that's all for now so til next time.......................


Sunday, October 4, 2020


 Earlier I showed you my Coffin Halloween cards which I think are great for my older grands but for the "Wee" ones I decided to make pumpkins.  This is a great die set by Stephanie Barnard and you can whip out a bunch of pieces and then spend a night on the comfy sofa gluing all the pieces together.  Another Stephanie die is the Acorn fold out, like the pumpkin fold out you can cut a bunch of pieces out and sit with all your pieces gluing them together.

I only needed 5 at the moment but I have enough cut out for 6 more pumpkins and 7 more acorns.  I've never really sent out fall cards in the past but with all this quarantine stuff going on and the thought that holidays may not take place as usual I thought spirits could be lifted with a little Hello Fall card.  Since I have a few of these already cut...I'm ready to go.  lol

Til Next time.................