Sunday, August 26, 2018

A little early Halloween craft.

So I have often admitted to my addiction to Pinterest.  LOVE it!  I pin and pin and pin.  I don't often make what I pin though.  These last 2 weeks I spent my time relaxing at my summer cottage.  In advance I sent my sister, who live up there full time just across the street from me, 2 pics of a fun Fall craft.  We would be in need of corks and wine bottles.  She just so happens to have friends up there that run a local bar.  To my surprise when I showed up she handed me a bowl of corks and 2 wine bottles and said "Ok I did my part!  Your turn"  lol.  Well I was ready for her even though I did not think she would actually remember the corks or bottles.  I have packed a craft bag with all the needs for the projects.  While our hubby's tended the smoker of ribs, we plugged in glue guns and got out the paints.
I have no idea why I smiled so stupidly maybe I was distracted by the Packers jersey!  LOL  Anyway we had so much fun.  Gabbing, gluing, painting......Here are our creations.        
My sisters friend will have the luck of enjoying a couple of these since she got us the corks.  I'm giving the small one and one of the larger ones to my daughter in law for her mantle.  I'll be making one for me with my ladies group later.

And Here are the Scarecrows.  OMG I'm in love with these guys!
My sister constructed the hats...complaining all the way!  LOL   It was getting close to "Wine" time for her...heehee.
I do believe we can call these a Pinterest success!!  Both projects are awesome and I can't wait to re-create them with my group.

Well I think it's time to surf Pinterest again for another fall project that my sister and I can do when I go up next month!


Monday, August 13, 2018


Halloween is around the corner and I had decided to share the lantern project with friends.  There were 4 of us this past friday and we met up at 1pm and crafted, ate, and gabbed until midnight!  We had a ton of fun and bloops to boot.  On our "To Do" list was re-creating MayMay's paper lanterns seen on my previous post here....  So a real simple project was a bit complicated only due to our constant gabbing and forgetting where we were at in the project.  Lots of giggling...heehee.  Anyway here's what we came up with.  First the fronts.............
and the backs............

We then finished up on the 4 re-purposed Christmas cards that I also had on a previous post seen here....   and here.......   Check them out.

Another card was designed by one of the other ladies.  Very cute birthday card using some Stampin Up DSP.  I'm not sure but it might be discontinued but if not grab some because its really cute paper for birthdays.

The rest of the evening was eating and much fun.  Always good time when we ladies get together.

Bye til next time...............................


Friday, August 3, 2018

More re-purposed Christmas cards

I decided to keep going on the simple card theme using those note cards from a friend.  I probably have at least 20 of these blank cards so I may as well use them.  I always forget how cute simple cards can look even without all the dimensions. Although I used more of the navy blue papers on one of them , I had decided to go black and white with the second.  But at the last minute I decided to add just a pop of red.  Yes....I could not help but use a little bling!  But it's Stickles so that doesn't really count.  lol

I'm going to make just a few more before I mosey on over to my more "Blinged" up cards.

Til next time

Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Blue Christmas

Its time for another recycle project.  I did one a ways back and have found an opportunity to do it again.  A friend of mine was having her office relocated and the company was discarding alot of stuff.  Some of which just so happened to be some note cards and envelopes.  Envelopes can always be re-used just by placing a label over the old address.  The note cards............well I just shoved them in a corner.  They needed a little more thought.
Today I pulled those out so I could come up with a simple and relatively flat Christmas card.  Ones with little or no dimensions so that when mailing there needn't be extra postage.  I'm a bling kind of person as I've said before.  I love layers and tend to get carried away.  LOL  Instead today I have 2 very simple recycled note card Christmas cards.
Here's another picture with the blank card in front of the new card.
As you can see the navy card already had the gold trim line on it and I decided to let it stay instead of covering it.  I used some white linen paper for the snow hills which were dies from a crafting magazine from a few years ago.  I bought the galaxy Star paper at Hobby Lobby yesterday.  The other card I had used some navy linen cardstock and then used my stitched ovals.  Winter wishes is actually 2 word dies from a Sizzix card die set.  I think its a gate fold snowflake card die.

Well that's it for now.  I think I'm going to slap a few more of these together to add to my Christmas card pile.

Til next time...................................