Thursday, June 30, 2022

Star War embellies

Hello!!  I'm still here just really really really far behind on everything.  With summer here I have a summer home to get opened and organized and ready for the big 4th of July family gathering.  I have not done a thing and it's only 2 weeks away I think.   I sent my husband and eldest son up for an overnight just to turn on the water and electric and to make sure no wild animals moved in during the winter.  Lucky for us they have not and all is working but you know guys....they literally just turn things on, eat, sleep, lock up and leave.  No cleaning what so ever.  So I am trying my best to get my ducks in a row here so we can leave as soon as possible.  

I wanted to make a little gift for my nephews.  They are twins on the autism spectrum and both into different things.  One is really into Star Wars and the other is actually into theater and has been in a few community plays.  His favorite is the Wizard of Oz in which he played the Wicked Witch.  So I decided to make both boys a hinged album with just a few photos and some pages they can add their own stuff to.  I had an entire paper collection from G45 of OZ but had to order some Star Wars and finding embellies was really hard so I made them.  So this post is just showing (cuz it's really self explanatory) some embellies I made for Star Wars.  Some of the cut aparts from the papers I got I slipped into an envelope I made.  A few of the circle embellies I sprayed with Kyron glitter spray for extra pizzazz.  I popped up some of the stars and used them as photo corners to hold some of the photos to the pages.

I wanted silver circles and found this disposable tray top (upper right) and it punched out great.  Amazing what you can do sometimes with just a punch.

I tried 2 different directions to the hinged album.  The Star Wars one had an additional piece of card stock slipped into each hinge piece for extra strength.  Where as the OZ one did not.  To be honest I like the OZ one much better.  It is not as stiff as the Star Wars one which is hard to turn the pages.


So.......I'm going to be honest here. I originally started this post with all intentions of posting before I left for my trip.  Then "LIFE" happened...we packed and left and I totally forgot.  Then I gave the boys their hinged albums, suddenly remembered I never took a picture, didn't have my phone at the moment and figured I had time but then....................."LIFE" happened again and my hubby and I had to pack up and leave and get back home.  I came on here to see what I had and.................well as you can see NO PICTURES!   One of the biggest problem at our summer home (but greatest escape) is that there is no internet.  We don't have TV either.  We truly go up there to escape and rely on DVD's for evening entertainment.  So when taking the pics was on my mind while up there not being on my blog made me forget to do it in a timely manner and there fore when "LIFE" happened I had nothing.  I had thought I could always delete the post but then I thought no I'll let everyone know what a dufus I can be LOL.  So since I totally screwed up I figured I could at least still post this with the links to the albums tutorials that I used.  The one that I was most impressed with was the G45 one but you be the judge.  Both are easy to follow and both are cute.  I will definately do them again.  The Club Scrap one I changed the size so that it was a 5x7 when completed and I definitely over embellished it.  Not a good idea.  Less is best in this case.

Well that's it for now..........I'm hitting the Post button LOL.

Til next time...............................


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