Saturday, October 6, 2018

MayMay Made it and so Did I Corner fold

Right in time for Christmas my favorite blogger MayMay showed us all how to do the Corner fold card.  So quick and easy.  Though she makes it look easier when she just grabs whatever paper she has and goes for it.  So I decided that while watching the video I'd just grab pieces from my scrap box and put the card together as I go.  Well................First off not all papers should be combined with other papers.  Even though I thought it would be ok (after all MayMay said she was out of her comfort zone by combing so many patters and colors on 1 card)  Somehow I don't think I pulled it off. But here we go.
And here are the easy peasy directions.
The card base is made from Double sided Designer paper.  Make sure you find at least one other coordinated DSP as well as a piece of solid card stock for middle light enough for stamping on.

1    3" x 3" scrap for a template write "TOP" on the top of the square.
from top left corner measure down 5/8" and make a tick mark  then from bottom right corner measure in toward left 5/8" and make a tick mark.

1    Double sided DSP 8.5" x 5.5" scored in center
1    4" x 5.25" layer DSP
1    3"x 4.25" solid card stock

Take the designer piece and fold for the card.  Place the template in the top right corner of the card and draw a faint line from the tick mark down on the left side of template and then from the tick mark over to meet up with first line.  You will then cut on the lines making a little flap.  For directions I am using just plain card stock.

Oooopppsss.......just noticed the stripe dsp is upside down.  the dimensions for this piece is 4 x 5.25.  This is for the inside panel.  
Now just have fun decorating.  I've seen some people use solid card stock in place of DSP for base so with my above sample I turned it into this:
I really love this Paper Pad by Prima.  I think I bought it over a year ago at Hobby Lobby and it has such beautiful papers in it.  This particular pad is called Lavender and like I said it is by Prima Marketing Inc.  I will definitely use alot more of this line.  Wish I had more fall winter birthdays that I need cards for but I guess the paper will have to wait til spring.

I really like this fold and need to work on a better (MUCH BETTER LOL) Christmas card because frankly that first one stunk!  But I am one who will share my bad as well as my good.  Lucky you heeheehee! 

Fall festival season is here for us so I will be spending some quality time with the grandkids.  So excited to watch them enjoying all the fun activities of fall.

Til next time..............................................


Fancy Fold Encouragement Card

I have often thought of Random Acts of kindness.  Sometimes I have passed on some homemade soup to a Elderly woman I know or I have paid for someone in lines coffee.  I've sent cards to unknown soldiers or I've dropped off some piping hot breads to a neighbor.  Right now a friend of mine has a friend that is going through a difficult time.  My friend has a heart of gold and has put aside her own needs to help her friend.  Its always hard when someone has to go through illness's, death, depression etc by ones self and to have someone willing and caring reach out is a blessing.  My friend is that blessing for her friend.  I had decided that I would like to send her friend just a little card to say "You are not alone".  

I used the style of my previous baby card as a starting point.  But changed it up just a tad so that I could provide you with a few more details on the making of the card.
Here's the finished card:
I guess you could call this a pop out gate fold card.  The center band is a separate piece of card stock glued on the left 2" of the gate fold.  Then the end 2" of the band is glued to the *8" fold line.  To close you would fold in the right side of the card first then the left.  
The base is 5.5" x 12 scored at 2", 4', 8", and 10".   The band is 1" x 8" scored at 4" and 6".
DSP needed is (4) 1  7/8"  x 5.25" and (1) 3  7/8"  x 5.25"  (1) 7/8" x 3  7/8" and (2) 7/8 x 1  7/8"  That will get you the basics for the card and the decorating is up to you.

I also wanted to make my friend a little card too so I chose another Fancy fold.  It's pretty much my style to do fancy folds lol.  This is a card seen on Maymay Made it.  Not really sure what the fold was called but it was oh so simple to make.  I'll post the directions later as a Christmas card.  I wanted my friend to know how wonderful I think she is.  She has endured her own obstacles and yet finds time to help others. 

Paper was from Kaiser craft for this card and the first card the papers were from Prima Marketing.  I didn't use any dies though I did use my tag punch for the first card and my We R Memories Keepers Punch board for the Be Brave strip.

Well I want to get these in the mail.  That's all for now............til next time