Saturday, November 4, 2017

Tim Holtz Mini House Shadowbox

Hi and Happy November!  You know what that means?  Christmas is right around the corner and boy do I have a ton of projects planned!  One has to be kept "Top Secret" due to the fact that it is what my ladies group is getting for Christmas and I don't want them checking the Blog for inside information!  LOL

So way back in February (I think) I had attended a scrapbook show in Rockford.  The ladies and I saw these adorable little shadowboxes at a Tim Holtz booth.  Now when I say little I'm not kidding they are only 5x4.  Everything inside these are teeny tiny.

I used some Graphic 45 paper scraps for little banners inside and on bottom front as well as those teeny 1/4" boxes you see up in the attic part of the house.  I embellished the tree with tiny balls just glued on top of the branch's.  Those little pine cones are from a Hemlock tree I have up north at our summer place and they were the perfect size for the tree.  The bigger box to the right of the tree I will have to admit my friend Cindy put it together out of foam board she had so all I had to do was decorate it.  I used little miniature candy canes on top of the box as well as some of the smallest jingle bells I could find.  The little silver ones are on top of the box in the back far right.  The little dog was from another friend, June, who got them as a set of miniature ornaments and we just snipped off the string.  I put a glass snowman in the dome up in the attic and added a bit of snow glitter inside to have it resemble a snow globe.  The little green wreath on the peak is just a piece of potpourri.  Sometimes its hard to find tiny items so you use what you have and that worked out just fine.  Oh lets not forget the icicles!!  Another friend, Karen, made those with Crystal Effects squeezed onto wax paper and then sprinkled with glitter.  As you can tell this was a joint project and the five of us had a good time making them.  Each of us had different ideas for decorating them.  I wish I had pictures to share but I haven't received them yet.  At least not all of them.

I would love to do another one sometime.  I think they are so darn cute.

That's all for time I think I'll share and easy Teacher/Hostess gift.