Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Reverse Gate fold card

This was written just before Valentines day and I forgot to post it.  So instead of deleting I thought I'd post it now anyway,  Sorry for the delay.

Valentines Day is nearly here and I am obsessed with fancy fold cards.  Today is one I showed earlier in the week though is was undecorated.  It is a simple gate fold card but you decorate the back side instead of the gate fold side.  Nothing special...nothing new...but oh so fun to do.  You can make this as simple or fussy as you'd like and it will always turn out fabulous and the receiver will be impressed.

This one I used the scallop blade on my old cutterpede paper trimmer.  Boy when that blade goes bad I'm going to be so sad because replacements are so hard to find.  The paper is from a Recollection paper pad called

Next I decided to make one for kids.  I had to search the Internet for retro valentine images.  Remember when you could buy just a box of Valentines for your kids and there wasn't a specific theme?  I looked all over for those generic Valentines but everyone I found was themed.  Such as Paw Patrol, Marvel Hero's, Minions,  what about just a cute little girl holding a valentine behind her back or a kitty with a Valentine in its mouth.  You know....just Valentines!!
Well I found this one and it is pretty cute.

Both of these I think turned out cute but my favorite is the first one.

Til Next Time


Saturday, February 3, 2018

Tea Light Valentine

With Valentines day coming I am reminded that I never have enough Valentines ready and the one I nearly always forget is the one for my husband.  Oh the horror.  I'm usually so busy trying to make sure I have all the valentines for my kids, my grandkids, my grand nieces and nephews that I just plum run out of time to make one for my husband.  So this year I'm starting with him.

I love watching May May Made It on YouTube.  She has some dynamite videos and makes it so much fun to watch.  Earlier she posted a video on making a Tea light Valentine.  I had decided right then and there that it was THE card for hubby.
Here's my version of her card.

Isn't it adorable?  I love this.  I'd like to make a few more since I have this beautiful paper pad with such lovely patterned double sided cardstock.  Please be sure to check out May May's video seen HEREYou have to give this a try.  Its quick....elegant and you know you need a special Valentine for the love of your life right?

As for me I'm going to make some more real soon.
Til next time............................