Thursday, March 25, 2021

Easter Happy Mail for the GrandKids

OMG I think I'm in love with these little cards and tags.  With a bit over a week before Easter I still have a few Happy Mail drops for the grandkids.  I wanted to make one of the drops a cute little card to get them excited for Easter.  I had scraps (go figure lol) from my Easter cards that I wanted to use up.  Plus when I made the Slimline cards it left me with 4.25 x 4" base cards so I thought I'd use those.  The insides are blank so that I can find some sort of words of wisdom or encouragement to write in there.

Then the tags. 
 I haven't decided what I'm doing with the tags except for putting them in my tag box but oh my they turned out so cute.  Definitely puts me in the Spring mood.  I have a few Spring birthdays that need cards so now that I'm motivated maybe I'll actually get them done.

Well til next time....................................................................


Monday, March 22, 2021

EGGcellent Slimline Card

  Hippity Hoppity the Easter Bunny is right on the edge of the Leprechauns Rainbow!   I barely got my St Patty's day cards out and now I need to rush into the Easter cards.

  Last year I was all about the super pretty and elegant Easter cards.  I had bought this beautiful die and I absolutely LOVED the way my card turned out.  Then like a fool I mailed the original off right away before pictures.  Made a few more a little different and even turned one into a birthday card.  The die was just so versatile.  This year....well you would think with still being homebound that I would have plenty of time to get cards done but somehow I have filled my time with ......hmmmmmm well I'm not sure.  LOL.  So I decide to go easy this year.  Well ends up though easy there is alot of die cutting.  I wanted to do a Slimline card.  They are my new obsession lately.  I also decided on both the 4 x 9 1/4 size and the smaller 3.5 x 6.5 size ones.  I'm using Dollar Tree envelopes that I had on hand so that makes it a bit easier for me in the fact that I don't have to go out and buy envelopes or make them.  Although I have seen some really cute envelopes for Slimline cards and I do have some real pretty pastel thinner paper that would be perfect for "Spring" envelopes but hey Easter is only 2 weeks away and I have stuff to do lol. 

Above is the mess before assembly.  I got everything cut and separated.  In the center you can see the new slimline dies I got from Ebay.  None of them had names but I'll post a link at the bottom of the post.  I really liked these.  I used them in my Gemini Junior and they cut beautifully.  Of course I then could not resist the cute little bunny dies that came with the 3 eggs above them.  They were on Amazon.  By the way all of these were shipped super fast so I was a happy camper.   I gathered papers I had on hand.  Some were scraps some full size sheets.  The last thing I needed was more paper but I sure did see some pretty ones out there.  But I took a deep breath and used what I had.  Here are the 11 that I completed.  Instead of making this post even longer I just slipped in the inserts off to the right in the picture.  That is the sentiment in all the cards printed on white linen paper.  I used double sided tape just on the top part to adhere it inside each card. 

I was going to add words to the outside but decided I liked the they simplicity of the way it looked as is so I left it alone.  I'm pretty sure if I sat and contemplated longer I would change my mind.  I tend to do that alot.  The longer I stare the more I add.  I can never seem to leave well enough alone.  It always ends up the more I add the more postage I need to add to and that was what I wanted to avoid this time.  

I also decided to emboss the Dollar Tree envelopes.  Actually a group I'm in on Facebook had one post where someone asked what to do with those small thin but long embossing folders.  Just popping in my head (knowing most people use them as edgers) I suggested they be used on envelopes.  So today I thought Well look at me giving suggestions I've never tried myself.  So I thought I'd give it a try.  It seems to work beautifully.  So here we go another use for those folders I know I seldom ever use.

I know this is a pretty long post but boy I had a lot to say. I usually do lol.  Now to get going on the little Easter cards for the grandkids Happy Mail box.  Making all these Slimline cards left me with some scraps of white that measure 4x4.25 and I am not a fan of mailing square cards so they will be perfect for the kids.  Then I'll gather all my scraps and make a few tags for the tag box.

So til next time.....................................


Dies used:

Bunnys & Eggs

Frames & Eggs dies

Layering die with tag

scallop layer die set


Monday, March 15, 2021

St Patty's Push post

 Yikes St Patty's is right around the corner and I have barely posted a thing so I'm going to do it all in one post.  Not that I have very much to begin with to be honest.  I have been in a funk so to speak.  Not really wanting to make anything and when I did it usually wasn't in the papercraft department.  I think my main issue lately is the lack of shopping.  No no no I haven't given it up...The Amazon Man still comes weekly lol but I really do miss the regular browsing through the craft stores.  Being able to touch things.  Look at the real colors of the papers I want and not have to guess at what they are going to look like when they finally arrive.  I did want to do a drop off at a local nursing home of some St Patty's Day cards so I did do some "Speed" card making.  I also took the scraps and made a few tags.  Of course I sent off the cards before I took pictures except for a few demo cards that I shared on Facebook with a card group.

Most of the papers I was lucky enough to receive in as HAPPY MAIL from a wonderful woman who heard how I was trying to find a shamrock embossing folder on line to make these cards but could not find one to be shipped in time for the cards to be sent to the nursing home.  She had also sent me a shamrock stamp so I could heat emboss instead.  I was so lucky to have received these items and they really helped.  Like I said with the little scraps I made a few tags too.

I didn't make many tags since I didn't see many uses for a St Patty's tag but now I at least have a few in my box of Tags.

Well that's all for now

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021


It is MARCH!!!!  What does March bring??? SHAMROCKS & SHENANIGANS!   Of course!!! My Daughter in Law has given up carbs for Lent and I of course love to cook and send little treats over to their house since they live so close so this year I decided to get a little creative and get her to roll her eyes at me thinking I'm the "typical" Pain in the butt Mother in Law lol.  So I made a cute (though not paper) useable St Patty's Decoration Cake! 

We have all seen those adorable baby diaper cakes right?  Well they don't have a baby but they do have kids that get dirty LOL!  Soooo  how about a Washcloth cake?  I looked on line to see if I could find a tutorial for one but found NOTHING.  WHAT?????  No One thought of this????  Come On!!  I can't be the only one who has dirty grand kids.  Or am I the only one who lets them play in mud?  Hmmm.......possible.  Ok so I needed the washcloths and since we are in a Pandemic and I refuse to go to the stores and I am pretty picky, I decided to order on Amazon for the washcloths. Seen HERE    They are amazing!  I am so glad that I did not opt for anything else.  They are so thick and so soft and come out to about a Dollar each..  I might just have to order myself some new washcloths just because I want some hahahaha.  Anyway I searched the house for all the other supplies.  Even the plate I used to set the plate on was one I got from Goodwill years ago for one of the Birthday decorations we made for my granddaughters Party.  I'm just recycling.  Ok enough of my chatting lets see some pictures.


The bottom layer has 10 washcloths rolled and placed around a large roll of toilet paper held together with a lock tie wich is covered with the ribbon that says Happy St. Patricks Day. Then a White washcloth is placed on top and a dowel rod is pushed through the tube of the toilet paper shoving the washcloth down inside and securing the dowel rod. Another toilet paper roll about half the size is wrapped in 1 green washcloth with the ends tucked into the bottom tube of the roll.  Some disposable white dust cloths were used to make one of those old fashioned accoridion paper carnations we use to make as kids with tissue paper and pipecleaners.  I used a green pipecleaner to hold the dust cloths together in the center, fanned out the layers and attached a skinny ribbon to the bottom of the flower.  Placed the flower on top of the green wrapped toilet paper roll tied to bottom and then slipped green roll over dowel rod.  All small 4 leaf clovers were from punchs I had and the larger ones I made by punching out 4 hearts and gluing them together.  Nothing is glued directly to the washcloths.  The bows have little glue dots that come right off.  Large 4 leaf clovers are on pipecleaners that are stuck in between layers of the washcloths and the little cut apart cards are attached to tooth picks and stuck into layers too..  The flower topper of course cannot be re-used so yes all those 4 leaf clovers and sequins are glued but the flower itself like I said is tied on to the roll.  The beads are of course just layed on top.

So I know this is an extremely long post but sometimes I get wordy.  lol  Hope you like it.  My Daught in Law is going to love this after she's done being mad thinking that I made her cake.

Til next time...................................................


Monday, March 1, 2021

Simple St Patty's

 March comes in like a lion right?  Or does it come in like a lamb?  I never get that saying right.  All I know is that the "Shamrocks" come flying in March.  Bag pipes are piping and Corn Beef is cooking!  I LOVE MARCH!!!  So I'm starting off with a super simple slimline card.

Mine are the shorter ones.  Well at least this one is.  The finished card is 3.5 x 6.5 and fits in a regular number 8  6 3/4 envelope.  I get my envelopes at the Dollar tree so I do not invest alot of money on these.  The envelopes can be spruced up by either stamping a little on them or adding washi tape or even sponging around the edges so they don't look so plain.  

This specific cards first layer is 3.25 x 6.25 black card stock then I cut a piece of double sided Authentique designer paper 3x6 and cut it diagonally both ways to form an X.  The 2 side pieces I flipped over then just matched up the center points and glued everything down.  I matted one of the cut aparts from the same paper pad and glued it to the center.

Inside I stamped the sentiment and added a few shamrocks.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  I have a few more ideas in mind but I'm waiting for Amazon orders lol.

Stay tune for a few more ideas.  Til then...........................